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ESPEN is the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. It draws its membership from right across Europe and undertakes a wide range of activities.

All these initiatives are being led by international experts in the field who are committed to raising the profile of nutrition, developing the research programmes to underpin the need for nutritional intervention and providing the means to share the information necessary to improve clinical practice. These include:

ESPEN nutritionDay worldwide - this is the largest study to be undertaken in Europe and it has been set up in response to the Council of Europe Resolution (2003) which described the importance of improving nutritional provision in hospitals.

What has been achieved so far and how to get involved.

The ESPEN Life Long Learning Programme is an integrated approach to clinical nutrition using a mixture of web-based and taught modules. This is also formally accredited and is being developed into a Diploma course. Click here for more information

The ESPEN Annual Conference is one of the most prestigious meetings of its kind in the world. There are concurrent Scientific and Educational programmes to describe the latest advances in research and clinical practice. The programme is accredited through the European Accreditation in Continuing Medical Education initiative. The next meeting will be held in Denmark, Copenhagen, 17th – 20th September 2016.

ESPEN Special Interest Groups - these exist to ensure that researchers have an easily accessible forum within which to progress such topics as peri-operative nutrition, clinical trials, nutrition in the elderly, cachexia-anorexia in wasting disease, genomics and nutrition, and tracer methodology

ESPEN Clinical Nutrition Courses - these are held each year at basic and advanced levels. They are interactive and enable delegates to form networks to advance their clinical practice.

ESPEN Journals – there are now two journals:
Clinical Nutrition has an impact factor of 2.474 making it one of the leading scientific nutrition journals. There are also supplements to the journal.

e-SPEN is a web-based journal aimed at developing clinical practice

ESPEN website – The ESPEN website is a leading source of information about clinical nutrition and metabolism. www.espen.org

Joining ESPEN – Click here for more information about joining ESPEN