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Welcome to the BAPEN e-Learning Portal

Through this e-Learning portal you can access a range of e-Learning modules designed for doctors, nurses, dietitians and other health and social care workers. The modules on Essentials of Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Screening using ‘MUST’ are free to all those working in the NHS. The Annual Conference presentations are free to all BAPEN members, but are also available to others for a small charge.

Essentials of Clinical Nutrition

Nutritional Screening using ‘MUST’ 

Annual Conference Presentations

Doctor Nurse Other Healthcare Professional

Three modules covering disease related malnutrition and nutritional support, designed specifically to provide a sound introduction to the essentials of clinical nutrition. They are suitable for all healthcare professionals who wish to learn more about the basics of clinical nutrition including junior doctors in their foundation and core medical and surgical training years.

Three interactive SCORM compliant e-Learning modules on nutritional screening using ‘MUST’, designed for health and care staff working in hospitals, primary care and care homes.

The three modules explain the causes and consequences of malnutrition, the importance of nutritional screening and how to screen using ‘MUST’.

Each module includes case studies and care plans appropriate for the work place and an online assessment together with the ability to print off certificates of achievement.

Annual conference presentations features selected presentations from the BAPEN Annual Conference from 2013 onwards. Each presentation has multiple choice questions associated with it and learners can print out certificates on satisfactory completion of the questions. A PDF of the slides from each presentation is also available for download.