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BANS Reports

A unique national survey which benefits both professionals and patients by promoting high quality services with equity of access across the UK.

  • The annual reports highlight regional differences which, in terms of HPN (home parenteral nutrition) have been instrumental in supporting HIFNET (Home Intestinal Failure Network) in developing and commissioning HPN services nation wide. As a result, BANS will collect data about intestinal failure in future.
  • Individual organisations have used BANS data to highlight the rapid growth of HETF (Home Enteral Tube Feeding) to secure adequate resources.
  • BANS raises awareness about the clinical conditions associated with both HPN and HETF, highlighting the dependency of patients and the need for appropriate services.
  • Questionnaires distributed through the Reporter Network have facilitated audits and reported on service provision and clinical issues including: Nutrition Support Teams, sepsis rates, monitoring in the community, service provision for Home Enteral.

Full Annual BANS reports may be viewed and downloaded via the links below:

Annual BANS report 2011 (PDF)

Annual BANS report 2010 (PDF)

Annual BANS report 2009 (PDF)

Annual BANS report 2008 (PDF)

Annual BANS report 2007 (PDF)