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DDF 2015

BAPEN@DDF 2015 22nd-25th June 2015, ExCeL London

Click here to download a PDF with further information

BAPEN Conference 2014 Pho​to Gallery

Click on the image below to view a selection of photos from the BAPEN 2014 Conference.

bapen-2014-gallery-01 bapen-2014-gallery-02 bapen-2014-gallery-03 bapen-2014-gallery-04 bapen-2014-gallery-05 bapen-2014-gallery-06 bapen-2014-gallery-07 bapen-2014-gallery-08 bapen-2014-gallery-09 bapen-2014-gallery-10 bapen-2014-gallery-11 bapen-2014-gallery-12 bapen-2014-gallery-13 bapen-2014-gallery-14 bapen-2014-gallery-15 bapen-2014-gallery-16 bapen-2014-gallery-17 bapen-2014-gallery-18 bapen-2014-gallery-19 bapen-2014-gallery-20 bapen-2014-gallery-21 bapen-2014-gallery-22 bapen-2014-gallery-23 bapen-2014-gallery-24 bapen-2014-gallery-25 bapen-2014-gallery-26 bapen-2014-gallery-27 bapen-2014-gallery-28

BAPEN Conference 2013 Opening Session

Click on the thumbnail below to watch the opening session from the BAPEN 2013 Conference.

BAPEN Conference 2013 Opening Session


BAPEN Breakfast News – Click on the thumbnail below to watch the BAPEN symposium highlights.

Malnutrition Matters Video