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'MUST' App

BAPEN’s ‘Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool’ (‘MUST’) Toolkit resource – the ‘MUST’ App for the iPhone.

BAPEN has converted its popular and validated screening tool for identifying malnutrition into an electronic version that can be used across all health and care settings by front line staff.

Professor Marinos Elia demonstrating the 'MUST' App

*Please use your iPhone appropriately and in line with local and professional policies.

“The ‘MUST’ App will be invaluable to clinical practitioners with iPhones. It’s straightforward, easy and quick to use. I use it all the time. A great addition to the BAPEN ‘MUST’ Toolkit!”
- Andrea Cart​wright, Consultant Nurse in Nutrition

“The ‘MUST’ App is a welcome addition to the ‘MUST’ Toolkit and whilst I as a dietitian will continue to use the paper version, I know that many colleagues particularly in the community will welcome this new tool.”
- Anne Holdoway, Specialist Dietitian

MUST App slides gallery

Here's what the App looks like page by page – the App is simple to follow and simple to use

Click on the thumbnail to view a slideshow

'MUST' saves - time - money - and lives. Use it!