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NSW Committee

NSW is the largest survey of its kind in the UK. Four surveys have been completed at different times of the year in order to investigate any seasonal variations. In 2010 it was expanded to include centres in ROI. It is undertaken in collaboration with BDA, RCN, the 2010 and 2011 surveys also being in collaboration with the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute. It has the support of DoH in England, Scottish Government, Welsh Assembly Government and Chief Nursing Officer for Northern Ireland. Results have been widely used and cited in many publications.

The results of all four surveys will be amalgamated to provide a more complete picture of malnutrition and a report published towards end of 2012.

Members of the Committee

  • Christine Russell (project lead)
  • Marinos Elia (co-project lead)
  • Claire Oldale

Aims / Objectives of the Committee

  • To undertake a series of national surveys to establish the prevalence of malnutrition on admission to hospitals, care homes and mental Health units in the UK using criteria based on ‘MUST’
  • To document screening practice
  • Provide feedback to local centres so their results can be compared with the national picture
  • Provide recommendations to improve nutritional care

Click here for latest NSW Report