Dr Tim BowlingBAPEN Chairman 2011-2014: Dr Tim Bowling

Key aims:

  • Revitalising and expanding BAPEN membership to ensure that it represents a robust community
  • Restructuring the current structure of committees and communication
  • Enhance and expand the BAPEN website
  • Respond to the changing NHS and social care landscape by expanding our regional and local networks and activities across all four nations of the UK
  • Continue the momentum to ensure that BAPEN remains a leading authority in all matters relating to undernutrition and screening for the risk of malnutrition
  • Develop everyday guidance for all health and care practitioners in order to support the provision of excellent nutritional care in hospital



  • Nutritional Screening Week 2007-2011 Amalgamated Reports published (March)
  • Malnutrition Matters: A Commitment to Act Guide launched (March)
  • Nutritional Care and the Patient Voice: Are we being listened to? New joint report (PINNT and BAPEN) launched (March)
  • BAPEN Responds to Francis Report (March)
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