BAPEN Awards

BAPEN Life Membership

‘Life membership’ is a gift of the Association that is rarely awarded. There are only 7 recipients to date. This would only be considered for truly exceptional individuals. This does not have a regular nominations process, but any potential recipient would be considered on an ad hoc basis by the Executive and Council.

Recipients to date:

  • 2016 – Professor Mike Stroud
  • 2014 – Jennie Mort
  • 2013 – Ken Cottam
  • 2012 – Christine Russell
  • 2011 – Professor David Silk
  • 2008 – Professor Marinos Elia
  • 2007 – Carolyn Wheatley
  • 2004 – Professor John Lennard-Jones

A unique collaboration between Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition and BAPEN, the BAPEN Nutricia Award has been established for over 15 years. The award is aimed at providing funding and support for research and best practice in the field of clinical nutrition. Each year Healthcare Professionals and Researchers are invited to apply with a research or best practice project. The award often takes a theme each year to encourage research and best practice in different areas of clinical practice and interest. All researchers and healthcare workers based within the United Kingdom who are actively involved in clinical nutrition are eligible and encouraged to apply. Applications are judged anonymously by a select panel from BAPEN and the research team at Nutricia. The winner of each award receives a set monetary amount to fund their proposed project and a paid place at the BAPEN Annual Conference to receive their award on stage.

A list of previous winners and runners up of the BAPEN Nutricia Award are provided below. For further information on future BAPEN Nutricia awards and how to apply please contact Dr Abbie Cawood on


Christine Federico & Emma Kaye

Location: Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
Title of Project: To implement and evaluate a nutrition support pathway for fractured neck of femur patients aged over 70 year’s.

Dr Luise Marino, Dr Mark Beattie, Mark Cullen and Nicky Heather

Job title: University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Title of Project: To explore the feasibility of using My Health Vault, a digital health platform as a monitoring tool in children with IBD.


Dr Laura Wyness

Job title: Senior Research Fellow, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Title of Project: An exploratory study to determine the prevalence of different nutritional and functional states occurring in older adults living in a community setting and to explore screening measurements to complement ‘MUST’
Co-investigators: Dr Elaine Bannerman and Jacklyn Jones


Rachel Cooke

Job title: Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Bristol Royal Infirmary
Title of Project: Improving nutritional care: Implementing regular nutrition screening audits and education for ward staff.
Co-investigators: Claire Merchant

Runners up:

Sorrel Burden and Ruth Brierly, Manchester Royal Infirmary. Working with the multi-professional ward team to improve integrated care plans and improve first line nutritional support actions.


Helen Reilly

Job title: Professional Lead for Dietetics, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
Title of Project: Good practice in supporting high quality nutritional care in acute hospitals.
Co-investigators: Magdalena Kot, Lynne Friend, Corinne Wilkinson, Rachel Lees and Jo Richmond

Runners up:

Silver award: Sian Lewis, Eva Glass, Jackie Jordan. Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff. Nutrition screening in upper gastro-intestinal oncology outpatient clinics.

Bronze award: Alison Howard and Rupali Shah. Churchill Hospital, Oxford. Developing guidance on enteral tube feeding routes following head and neck cancer surgery.


Stephanie Wakefield

Job title: Specialist upper GI dietitian, Imperial College Healthcare Trust, St Mary’s Hospital, London
Title of Project: The prevalence of micro-nutrient deficiencies in upper gastro-intestinal cancer patients after treatment with surgery and chemotherapy


Sue Green

Location: Southampton
Title of Project: Screening for Malnutrition by Community Nurses: Barriers and facilitation
Co-investigators: Mandy Fader, Sue Latter and Michelle Sutcliffe

Runners up:

Dr Rachael Barlow, Mr Gary Howell, Dr Matt Wise, Mr Wyn Lewis. Cardiff, Wales. ‘Nutrition in patients undergoing upper gastrointestinal cancer surgery, a prospective randomised control trial of ‘tight’ glycaemic and fluid management’


Nick Wood

Location: Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust
Title of Project: Pre-operative oral carbohydrate loading in gynaecological oncology surgery – a randomised controlled trial
Co-investigators: Sean Duffy, David Nugent, Nic Orsi and Deniz Al-Hirmizy

Runners up:

Dr John Leeds, Dr Mark McAlindon and Dr David Sanders. Gastroenterology & Liver Unit, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield. ‘Can a scoring System Improve Patient Selection and Outcome Following PEG Insertion?’

Rachael Barlow, Miss Sue Hill, Professor Tricia Price, Kate Rowlands, Ceri Harris and Mr Malcolm Puntis
Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust, Wales
‘A randomised trial of routine enteral nutrition in the immediate post- operative phase versus conventional management in patients undergoing lower limb amputation’


Michelle Davies

Job title: Senior Research Nurse, Haematology and Transplant Unit, Christie Hospital, Manchester
Title of Project: A prospective randomised controlled trial comparing enteral naso-jejunal feeding with oral diet in reduced intensity conditioning (RIC) bone marrow transplant patients

Runners up:

Dr Richard Johnston, Department of Gastroenterology, Derby City General Hospital
‘The effect of n-3 PUFA supplementation in non-diabetic patients with steatosis due to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease’

Dr Clare Reid, Research Dietitian University Department of Anaesthesia, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge.
‘Relationship between gut hormones, tolerance to nutritional support and recovery of appetite in critically ill patients’


Rebecca Hartley

Job title: Senior Dietitian, Dietetic Department, Papworth NHS Trust, Cambridge
Title of Project: The Impact of a bedside Computerised Information System on the adequacy of Nutritional Support in Critically Ill Patients – A single prospective non-randomised study

Runners up:

Lowri Lloyd-Jones, Head of Wirral primary Care Dietetic Services at St Catherine’s Hospital, Birkenhead. The role of EPA enriched nutritional supplements in patients with cancer cachexia: A community based audit to identify the influence of EPA enriched supplements on nutritional status of cancer patients

Michelle Davies, Senior Haematology Research Nurse, The Christie Hospital, Manchester
A comparative survey of practice, knowledge and attitudes of artificial feeding methods in patients undergoing peripheral blood stem cell transplant in the United Kingdom (U.K.)


Lucy Martin

Job title: Dietitian – Bristol Royal Infirmary
Title of Project: The development of a dependency score to be used by a dietitian working with patients on a home enteral tube feeding scheme to assess case dependency
Co-investigators: Alison Chadwick and Amanda Judd


Caroline Anderson

Job title: Paediatric Dietitian – Southampton General Hospital
Title of Project: A pilot study of energy expenditure and energy requirements in children with chronic renal failure

Runners up:

Grace Chau, Senior Dietitian – Royal Gwent Hospital
‘The current management of glycaemic control in patients with diabetes requiring nutrition support’

Alisa Brotherton, Research Dietitian – University of Central Lancashire
‘Protocol for psychometric validation of a preliminary PEG quality of life tool’


Ann Ashworth

Job title: Dietitian – Torbay
Title of Project: Pilot study to compare nutritional intake of orthopaedic patients supplemented with snacks or oral nutritional supplements

Runners up:

Muriel Gall, Senior Dietitian – Darent Valley Hospital, Kent
‘Decision making and PEG placement – from the patients’ perspective, are we getting it right?’

Christine Mossor SRD – St Helier’s Hospital, Surrey and Lin Perry PhD RGN, City  University, London
‘The functioning of taste and smell in older adults and following acute stroke’

Josephine Garvey, Senior Paediatric Dietitian – Royal Free Hospital, London
‘Study to investigate the benefits of modulating the gut flora with prebiotics
in children with chronic constipation’


Carol Welch

Job title: Nurse
Title of Project: To investigate whether changing the mealtime environment to one which supports a patient-centred approach to care will improve nutritional status in older people

Runners up:

Lynne Douglas, Chief Dietitian – Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
“A prospective cohort study to establish economic, nutritional and quality of life benefits of jejunostomy feeding in patients with oesophago/gastric cancer”

Justine Sharpe, Senior Dietitian – St Peter’s Hospital , Chertsey, Surrey
“A randomised controlled study comparing high dietary fibre advice with or without fibre supplementation, in the treatment of simple childhood constipation for infants between 1-6 years”

David Hopkins, Senior Dietitian – Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
“Placement of nasjejunal feeding tubes on ITU – A proposed audit after implementation of evidence based guidelines”


Sara Martin

Job title: Dietitian, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh
Title of Project: To investigate the effects of exercise optimisation of nutritional support and its impact on quality of life, appetite and functional parameters in haemodialysis patients.

Runners up:

Clare Reid – Charing Cross Hospital, London
“Pilot study to determine the timescale of skeletal muscle repletion and the influence of intensive nutritional support following discharge from the ICU.”

Alison Culkin – St Marks Hospital, London
“A double blind randomised controlled crossover trial of glutamine supplementation in home parenteral nutrition.”

Sue Ramsay – Panmore Edwards Hospital, Liskeard
“A study to identify the appropriate use of prescribed nutritional supplements for elderly patients in nursing homes.”

‘Roll of Honour’ was introduced in 2008. This is the gift of Council for any member who has given “over and above” for BAPEN in the preceding year. As a general principle just being a committee Chair or a member of Council, for example, will not necessarily be sufficient. BAPEN is very keen that individuals outside of Council are identified and rewarded, e.g. Regional Reps who have run a successful meeting. Nominations for the Roll of Honour need to be submitted to the Secretary by 31st August each year for consideration and bestowal at the October/November conference.


Kamini Gadhok MBE

Awarded for: Support given to BAPEN (via CAPA) on the subject of PPE

Joe Kerin

Awarded for: For support to the national response to PN shortages

Heather Weaver

Awarded for: For support to HPN services nationally over a number of years and the national response to PN shortages

Chris Mountford

Awarded for: Work on strengthening the financial governance and stability of BAPEN and his previous work on BAPEN Medical and BAPEN Medical trainees committee

Sarah-Jane Nelson (Hughes)

Awarded for: Work on the Intestinal Failure Registry

Kate Hall

Awarded for: Work on developing and launching the BAPEN values

Andrew Rochford

Awarded for: Work on developing the updated BAPEN Strategy and his service to BAPEN Exec and BAPEN Medical over the years


Elizabeth Weeks

Awarded for: For ongoing commitment to the activities of BAPEN since 1996


Dr Sorrel Burden

Awarded for: For her work on MUST, MUST Licensing and Copyright.


Kate Hall and Dr Nicola Burch

Awarded for: Kate for her work on developing Malnutrition Awareness Week and Nicola for her work organising BAPEN Medical study days and her major contribution to BAPEN Executive and her role as BAPEN Treasurer


Margy Thomson, Bruno Mafrici

Awarded for: Margy Thomson, BAPEN Scotland committee member for her assistance in the organisation of their study days; Bruno Mafrici for his contribution to the PENG Pocket Guide to Clinical Nutrition


James Fletcher, Kate Cheema & Jo Wheeler


Sean White & Sarah Zeraschi


Liz Harrison and Andrea Cartwright

Awarded for: Liz Harrison for her work with BAPEN Medical trainees; Andrea Cartwright for her work on BAPEN Executive and with BAPEN membership in general


Steve Brown, Barbara Davidson, Kate Hall & Christopher Mountford

Awarded for: For their work and contribution to BAPEN


Dr Ruth McKee & Faye Eagle

Awarded for: Ruth for her work for BAPEN over many years including BAPEN Medical and Faye for her work as Publisher and for her editorial contribution to In Touch.


Anne Holdoway & Pete Turner

Awarded for: For their outstanding contribution to the delivery of BAPEN’s Annual Conference at DDF 2012


Dr Janet Baxter

Awarded for: For her work for BAPEN over many years including BIFA and BANS

Geoff Simmonett

Awarded for: His work with PINNT and long service representing patients in BAPEN with unflagging commitment and humour


Geoff Simmonett

Awarded for: His work with PINNT and long service representing patients in BAPEN with unflagging commitment and humour

Ailsa Brotherton

Awarded for: For her work for BAPEN on the Quality group and publication of the Malnutrition Matters commissioning toolkit


Dr Nicola Simmonds

Awarded for: For her work developing e-learning modules for FY1 and FY2 doctors

Peter Austin

Awarded for: South Regional Rep, for his efforts on the organisation and successes of the Southern Region BAPEN meetings


Dr Barry Jones

Awarded for: His very considerable input as Chair of BANS over several years and its increasing success and profile

Mrs Ann Mickelwright

Awarded for: Her considerable services to BAPEN over many years, including Secretary in the early days and a long-time stalwart for BANS and its predecessor the HETF (home enteral tube feeding) register

Prof Jeremy Powell-Tuck

Awarded for: For being the instigator and founder of both BAPEN Medical and the UKHPN group, and his any contributions to BAPEN over many years

Mrs Christine Russell

Awarded for: Treasurer for BAPEN 2005-8. Contributor to MUST and the prime force in the Nutrition Screening Weeks

This award is presented by BAPEN “For significant and consistent contribution to BAPEN over many years”

Recipients to date:

  • 2022 – Dr Trevor Smith
  • 2022 – Anthony Murphy
  • 2021 – Barry Jones
  • 2021 – Simon Gabe
  • 2020 – Jeremy Nightingale
  • 2020 – Anne Holdoway
  • 2018 – Janet Baxter
  • 2017 – Ruth McKee
  • 2015 – Pete Turner; Nicola Simmonds
  • 2012 – Professor Mike Stroud
  • 2011 – Ann Micklewright
  • 2010 – Jeremy Powell-Tuck
  • 2005 – Lynne Colagiovanni
  • 2005 – Christine Russell
  • 2003 – Vera Todorovic
  • 2001 – Marinos Elia
  • 2000 – Pat Howard
  • 1999 – Carolyn Wheatley
  • 1999 – David Silk
  • 1998 – Ken Cottam
  • 1995 – John Lennard-Jones

The John Lennard Jones Medal is the highest accolade that the Association can bestow. It is awarded only to individuals who have given significant and consistent contribution to BAPEN over many years. It relates specifically to BAPEN activities rather than the greater good of nutrition as a whole. It will often be awarded on retirement either from practice or from BAPEN. The award is the gift of BAPEN Faculty, who will consider nominations from any of the membership.

The award will not necessarily be restricted to one per annum and will not necessarily be awarded if, in the opinion of the IAC, no suitable candidate is proposed.  In order to avoid any suggestion of bias and conflict of interest, the decision of the IAC, who act as an independent body, will be binding.

The medal will be publicly presented by a member of the IAC at the Annual BAPEN meeting.

Nominations should be 1 side of A4 from one proposer and one seconder who both must be full BAPEN members, giving reasons for the nomination and should be submitted to for consideration and bestowal at the BAPEN Annual Conference. Self-nominations are not permitted.

The Chairman of the IAC
Barry Jones

BAPEN Office
Devonshire Business Centre,
Works Road,

Following the sad passing of Professor Chris Pennington in May 2002 during his chairmanship of BAPEN, a lecture was established in his memory. Each year at the annual conference an individual will be asked to present the ‘Pennington Lecture’. Selection will be highly individualised.


Alison Young

Job title: Nurse Consultant in Nutrition, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust
Title: The journey of the nutrition nurse consultant


Dr Alastair McKinlay

Job title: Consultant Gastroenterologist, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
Title: Everyman. A journey through clinical nutrition?


Dr Jeremy Nightingale

Job title: Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist, St Mark’s Hospital
Title: You Can Do It!


Dr Ruth McKee

Job title: Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Glasgow Royal Infirmary
Title: Nutrition – making a difference


Dr George Grimble

Job title: Institute of Liver and Digestive Health (Bloomsbury), University College London
Title: Nothing is ever wasted


Professor Philip Calder

Title: Immunonutrition – where are we now?


Caroline Lecko

Title: This week we had Tea and Scones – creating a social movement to influence change.


Jon Shaffer

Title: Intestinal failure – concept, rehabilitation and dissemination.


Marinos Elia

Title: Money Matters


Christine Russell

Title: Nutritional screening: from concepts to applications


Becky White

Title: Quality Parenteral Nutrition – an Ideal Mixed Bag


Carolyn Wheatley

Title: A Journey of Discovery


Jeremy Powell-Tuck

Title: Developments in Hospital Nutritional Support – a personal perspective


Alan Jackson

Title: Counter-Intuitive Thinking in Nutritional Care


Rebecca Stratton

Title: Malnutrition: another health inequality?


Mike Stroud

Title: From Ice to NICE – Lessons from Nutritional Extremes


Simon Allison

Title: Integrated Nutrition


David Silk

Title: Chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo-obstruction (CIIP): The remit of the clinical investigator, gastroenterologist, clinical nutritionist, pain relief expert or psychiatrist?


Barry Jones

Title: Recent Developments in the Provision of Home Parenteral Nutrition in the UK

Professor Clark

The Professor RG Clark award recognises the best poster abstract submitted to the BAPEN conference. Professor Ron Clark passed away in 2018 and his family and friends kindly made a donation to BAPEN to honour his memory. We are proud to recognise this donation and his contribution to the world of clinical nutrition with this award. Recipients should rightly feel proud for being recognised with this accolade.

Ron Clark was Professor of Surgery at Sheffield and was one of the real innovators of nutrition support in the surgical patient. Importantly, he was one of the early investigators who understood the importance of the metabolic response to surgical injury and recognised the need for multidisciplinary research in this area. It was Ron who saw the importance of clinicians collaborating with the scientists from the Nutrition Society and was instrumental in setting up the Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic group of the Nutrition Society; in many respects this group became the precursor of BAPEN. In addition, he was a founder member of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, its first executive chairman and founder editor of its journal, Clinical Nutrition.

Those who remember him say that above all else Ron was a gentleman who inspired very many junior colleagues to undertake nutrition research. We hope that the Prof RG Clark award will inspire a new generation of researchers in clinical nutrition.

Development and pilot testing of a web-based decision aid for people with motor neurone disease considering a gastrostomy tube (DiAMoND Study)


Development and pilot testing of a web-based decision aid for people with motor neurone disease considering a gastrostomy tube (DiAMoND Study)

by S. Wheelwright1, R. Maunsell2, S. Taylor2, N. Drinkwater3, C. Erridge4, C. Foster2, M. Hardcastle5, A. Hogden6, I. Lawson2, D. Lisiecka7, C. McDermott8, K. Morrison9, C. Muir2, A. Recio-Saucedo2 and S. White81

University of Sussex, BN1 9RR, UK, 2University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK, 3Motor Neurone Disease Association, NN3 6BJ, UK, 4University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, SO16 6YD, UK, 5Rowans Hospice, PO7 5RU, UK, 6Australian Institute of Health Service Management, Australia, 7University of Limerick, Ireland, 8University of Sheffield, S10 2HQ,UK, 9Queen’s University Belfast, BT9 7BL, UK. 

Download winning poster (PDF)
Dietetic-led critical care nutrition interventions provided to critically ill patients with COVID-19 in a large London teaching hospital from March 2020 to April 2021


Dietetic-led critical care nutrition interventions provided to critically ill patients with COVID-19 in a large London teaching hospital from March 2020 to April 2021

By E. Terblanche, J. Jackson, J. Wetherden, E. Russell and R. Lewis, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

Download winning poster (PDF)
Endovascular interventions for the treatment of catheter-related venous thrombosis in patients on home parenteral nutrition


Endovascular interventions for the treatment of catheter-related venous thrombosis in patients on home parenteral nutrition

JD Willsmore, SC Donnelly, M Naghibi, M Small, SM Gabe

Download winning poster (PDF)

BAPEN introduced the Student Award in 2014. This award is open to any student nurse, dietitian, medic or pharmacist who has made a significant contribution in the field of nutrition which may be worthy of recognition, e.g. an audit, change of practice or project.

If you would like to nominate either yourself or a colleague please email the BAPEN Office for more details (

The Student Award is awarded annually at the BAPEN Conference.


Amira Burnieh, Giulia Russo, Lara Dami, King’s College London

Awarded for: In support of the UKMAW 2020 social media campaign.


Siddhartha Oke, Imperial College, London

Awarded for: In recognition of his research on the long-term survival of patients with type 3 intestinal failure

Rachel Warke and Maeve Gallagher, Ulster University / Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland

Awarded for: In recognition of their contribution to completing a large number of research and quality improvement projects


Alison Culkin, London Southbank University

Awarded for: In recognition of becoming the first Registered Dietitian in the country to be a supplementary prescriber


Mina Bhural, City University

Awarded for: In recognition of her work to improve the provision of nutrition to ICU patients


Beth Rye, City University, St Mark’s Hospital

Awarded for: In recognition of her MSc project on perioperative nutritional status and complications in colorectal surgery

Filomena Gomes, King’s College London

Awarded for: In recognition of her work on ‘MUST’ in stroke


Arthur Okonkwo, Newcastle University

Awarded for: In recognition of his work on malnutrition in care homes