The name of the group is BAPEN Medical, shortened when desired to BM. It is a core group within BAPEN, the British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, and is recognised to be in all respects equivalent in status to a “Founder Group” within BAPEN’s constitution. 

1 Objectives and Powers

1.1 BAPEN Medical is part of BAPEN and specifically considers how those who are medically qualified can have a role in such objectives and how such involvement can be fostered.

2 Membership

2.1 BAPEN Medical was created in 2004 as a group within BAPEN for those who have a special interest in furthering the medical and surgical component of BAPEN’s objectives.  The group is entitled to send two representatives to represent it on BAPEN council. These representatives will be from the members of the BAPEN Medical committee, see 3.

2.2 The BAPEN Medical subscription will include a fee for BM and discounted full membership of BAPEN. All members of BAPEN Medical will therefore also be full individual members of BAPEN and will be registered as such.

3 The Committ​ee

3.1 The affairs of the group shall be directed by a committee, which shall meet not less than twice a year.  Membership of BAPEN Medical is a prerequisite for all committee members.  When complete the committee shall have the following composition: 




Not more than six and at least two ordinary members

A member representing junior medical staff who shall be medically qualified and within, or about to be within, a training grade post.

A member representing junior surgical staff who shall be medically qualified and within, or about to be within, a training grade post.

Ex-officio members:

Medical representative from BAPEN Education and Training Committee

British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) Training Committee Chair

3.2 The members of the committee shall be appointed annually at the discretion of the committee in consultation with the group and are eligible for re-appointment normally for a normal (maximum) term of 5 (6) years after which members should normally stand down for a period of at least three years before becoming eligible for reappointment, unless elected to the position of Officer of the Group as described in Section 5.1.  In the event of election to Officer, members will then be eligible to remain in post for the period of their elected office, but should normally then stand down for a period of at least three years before becoming eligible for reappointment to the committee.  

3.3 In addition to the members so appointed the committee may co-opt non-voting members for specific tasks or purposes as defined from time to time by the committee subject to annual ratification provided that the number of co-opted members shall not exceed two.

3.4 The committee may appoint working groups as may be deemed necessary by the committee and shall determine their terms of reference, powers, duration and composition.  The Chairmen of all such committees shall have a place on the committee, and all acts and proceedings of such committees shall be reported back to the committee. 

3.5 BAPEN Medical’s committee shall have the rights and responsibilities:

3.5.1 To approve or reject applications for membership 

3.5.2 For good and sufficient reason (such as serious professional misconduct or criminal activity) to terminate the membership of any individual provided that the individual(s) person concerned shall have the right to be heard by the committee before the final decision is made 

3.5.3 To co-opt members of the group and others to the committee as required for special tasks or services to further the objectives of the group.

4 The Officers

4.1 The group shall elect from among the members of BAPEN Medical, and using a simple majority in the event of more than two candidates standing for a given position: - an Chairman, an Secretary and an Treasurer who shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election subject normally to a maximum term of office of three years for the chairman, four years for the secretary and five years for the treasurer.  A process of succession planning should be established to ensure that the Officers retire from office over a staggered timeframe.

5 Rules of procedure 

5.1 Quorum: the quorum shall in the case of any meeting of the committee of the group be at least two of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and two additional members.

5.2 Minutes shall be kept by the committee and all other sub-committees of the group, and the appropriate secretary shall enter in the minutes a record of all attendees, proceedings and resolutions.  Copies of the minutes shall be sent to BAPEN Office.

6 Meetings of BAPEN Medical

6.1 There shall be an Annual General Meeting of Members of the group, normally at the time of the annual BAPEN conference.  The Annual General Meeting shall be open to all individual members of the group. 

6.2 At the Annual General Meeting of Members there shall be a report from the Chairman of the group on behalf of the committee, and by the Treasurer on the group’s finances. These reports shall be incorporated into the BAPEN Annual Report.  The business shall include the confirmation in office of those elected to serve as Officers and committee members.

7 Finance

7.1 Members will be charged the price of individual membership of BAPEN as declared by the executive committee of BAPEN plus a sum to be decided by the committee of BAPEN Medical.

7.2 The BAPEN secretariat, on behalf of the BAPEN treasurer, shall collect the subscriptions of the group. The total annual sum agreed to further the objects of BAPEN Medical will be maintained clearly and visibly by the BAPEN office and treasurer for BAPEN Medical’s use.

7.3 The BAPEN Medical treasurer will verify and help the BAPEN treasurer maintain proper accounts of the finances of the group;

7.4 The subscriptions of the group shall be determined from time to time by the committee in liaison with the BAPEN treasurer 

7.5 The BAPEN Medical accounts shall be collated at least once a year and presented at the AGM.

7.6 All funds of the group should pass through the BAPEN account in accordance with BAPEN’s constitution. The account will identify subscriptions to BAPEN Medical and pay for any of BAPEN Medical’s expenses at the request of the BAPEN Medical committee.

8 Disbanding of BA​PEN Medical

8.1 BAPEN Medical may be disbanded by agreement of BAPEN Council

8.2 In the event of disbandment of BAPEN Medical, any remaining funds shall pass into BAPEN main account.

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