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The objective of the NNNG is to promote education in nutrition and related subjects for members of the nursing profession, for the public benefit, and especially for the benefit of patients in the hospital and community.

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What we do...

  • Promote excellence in nutritional care for patients by promoting an increased awareness amongst nurses of disease related malnutrition and its consequences.
  • Provide education and support for healthcare professionals by:
    • Providing opportunities for members to meet together for the purpose of discussing matters of common interest concerning disease related malnutrition.
    • Promoting activities which will assist members working in the field of nutrition support to increase their knowledge and enhance their contribution to this subject.
    • Contribute to local and national policy development in nutrition
    • Promote the role of the Nutrition Nurse Specialist within a multi-disciplinary nutrition support team.

Committee members:

  • Liz Anderson – Chair
  • Tracy Wothers – Secretary
  • Barbara Dovaston – Treasurer
  • Claire Campbell – Comms officer
  • Natalie Welsh – Conference liaison officer
  • Krista Murray – Committee Member
  • Jo Marston – Committee Member

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