BAPEN Regional Activity

The Challenge: We need your help to ensure that the highest standards of nutritional care are provided seamlessly across all health and social services throughout UK.

Malnutrition is both a cause and consequence of illness and injury and is common even in the UK. BAPEN is a charity that has worked for more than 20 years to prevent malnutrition occurring when possible and to treat it properly when it does occur. To do this better, we need a stronger regional infrastructure to implement real change in all areas whilst providing our members with improved regional resources for networking, sharing of best practice and practical support in the workplace.

What must BAPEN achieve in the regions?

  • We must ensure recognition that best nutrition and hydration care is fundamental to the provision of safe, effective, quality care for every individual, in every care setting, on every day, in every part of the UK.
  • We must ensure that training in the importance of good nutrition and hydration care is provided for all health and social care professionals in all regions, along with the skills to implement best care appropriate to their role.

How can BAPEN make this happen?

  • We must go on producing up-to-date practical reports, toolkits and guidance so that best clinical and scientific evidence can be put into practice.
  • We must work closely with the NHS, Health Boards, regulatory bodies and commissioners at national, regional and local levels to prevent malnutrition when possible, identify it when it does occur and treat it properly in all care settings.
  • We must make sure that all individuals who are malnourished or at risk are identified using validated screening tools such as BAPEN’s ‘MUST’ (Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool). 
  • We must ensure that individualised nutrition and hydration care is provided for everyone found to be at risk, irrespective of care setting and we need to develop integrated nutrition and hydration care pathways so that there is seamless transfer of relevant information and best care between hospitals, care homes and community services.

BAPEN Regional Activity in 2015 and beyond

To fulfil these ambitions, we need to work in partnership with many more BAPEN members within existing multi-disciplinary, regional networks or in new regional networks where currently there are none. Nutrition and hydration must move firmly onto every regional health and social care agenda.

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