Spotlight On... BAPEN Quality and Safety Committee

Former Quality Group Chair, Professor Mike Stroud talks about current projects and initiatives and how improvements in nutritional care through their implementation will make a crucial difference to quality, safety and risk.

The BAPEN Quality Improvement Committee links expertise in quality improvement (QI) to that in nutrition to drive better care standards for all.

Please download our key documents and resources and use them to improve the nutritional care delivered in your organisation.

Log onto the BAPEN forums and give us some feedback on the documents.

Aims / Objectives of the Committee

To use comprehensive QI approaches to achieve and maintain excellence in nutritional care across all health and social care settings.


  1. To evaluate new Government and DH Policy as it relates to the provision of nutritional care (including hydration)
  2. To identify and produce Quality Improvement Guides, Toolkits and resources to support Trusts and Commissioners in delivering excellence in nutritional care
  3. To work with Strategic Health Authorities, home countries and BAPEN reps to ensure the spread of excellent practice across the UK
  4. To identify opportunities for publishing in the field of QI in nutritional care e.g. journal articles
  5. To respond to DH consultations and make recommendations re: advancing nutritional care as appropriate (e.g. QOF, HQIP)

Nature and Scope:

The Committee works primarily electronically, making recommendations as appropriate to BAPEN Executive and Council.

The Committee obtains input from a number of the Core Groups and circulates all documents to BAPEN Council.

Meetings shall be held occasionally at the call of the Chair.

Members of the Committee

  • Ailsa Brotherton (Chair)
  • Andrea Cartwright (Secretary)
  • Mike Stroud
  • Carolyn Wheatley
  • Wendy-Ling Relph
  • Christine Baldwin
  • Winnie Magambo
  • Anne Holdoway
  • Vera Todorovic
  • Rachael masters
  • Katherine Wallis/Emma Parsons
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