Members of Council

Members of council

BAPEN Council is responsible for the governance and strategic leadership of the association. It is responsible for BAPEN membership and has the power to award members of the Association with marks of special acclaim, including honorary life membership of the association, the award of a Roll of Honour and the invitation to become a Member of the BAPEN Faculty. It appoints the members of the BAPEN Executive and any Standing committees of the Association, setting their terms of reference, duration and composition. The Council meets a minimum of twice a year.

Members of Council

BAPEN Executive

BAPEN President
Dr Nick Thompson

Dr Charlotte Rutter

Dr Sheldon Cooper

Communications Officer
Kate Hall

BAPEN Clinically assisted nutrition and hydration officer
Sarah-Jane Nelson

BAPEN Malnutrition Officer
Dr Emily Walters

BAPEN Professional Affairs Officer
Dr Jane Fletcher

Education Officer
Dr Emma Parsons


Ailsa Brotherton
Alistair McKinlay

BAPEN Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Chair: Dr Jeremy Nightingale

NG Tubes
Chair: position currently vacant

Chair: Dr Ashley Bond

Patient Network Group
Chair: Carolyn Wheatley

BAPEN Standing Committees

Chair: Malnutrition Action Group
Position currently vacant

Chair: Programmes Committee
Pete Turner

BANS Co-Chair (Enteral)
Dr Emily Walters

BANS Co-Chair (Intestinal Failure Registry)
Sarah-Jane Nelson

Additional Members

Officer: Scotland
Francesca Moroni

Officer: Wales
Amelia Jukes

Nutrition Society
Dr Caroline Childs

International Liaison Officer
Simon Gabe

Officers: Northern Ireland
Sarah-Jane Nelson

Pete Turner