Dr Rebecca Stratton

Dr Rebecca Stratton

What made you apply for the position of MAG Chair?

Almost 20 years ago now I worked alongside Prof Elia at the University of Southampton to develop, validate and launch ‘MUST’ as part of MAG (Malnutrition Action Group) so when the opportunity came up to chair this committee I could not resist.

I am hugely passionate about patients getting the right nutritional care so it’s a privilege to chair MAG and be a part of BAPEN, to be able to continue to raise awareness of malnutrition, how to screen and assess patients, and improve their nutritional care.

Every year, BAPEN and the Malnutrition Action Group release their National Screening Survey. Why is it important to annually gather data from health and social care settings across the UK?

We love undertaking the malnutrition and nutritional care survey as it gives both a local and national picture of malnutrition prevalence helps us understand trends and use of different forms of nutritional support at a national level. We have now done the surveys for 4 years in a row and are looking forward to reviewing all the data over time.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I love the variety of the role, working with a great group of volunteers on the committee, supporting patients, health care professionals or nutrition companies with queries about malnutrition or ‘MUST’, which can come from anywhere in the world, shaping our programme of activities, analysing data and writing reports or speaking about malnutrition at congresses. There is lots of variety!!

We also appreciate the input and suggestions from HCPs, patients or carers about things they would like MAG to tackle to help improve the recognition and treatment of malnutrition.

What do you hope to achieve during your time as MAG Chair?

I want to make a step change in the identification and management of malnutrition. Over many years, MAG has achieved such a lot, for which we have many people to thank! There are lots of resources available on our BAPEN website and we have resources for patients and carers on our www.malnutritionselfscreening.org website. We will continue to endeavour to raise awareness of malnutrition and good nutritional care in the UK, but we would love to hear from you about what else you would like to see in the future to really make a difference to patients, to make that step change in the identification and management of malnutrition.

Why do you think people should get involved with BAPEN and/or MAG?

BAPEN is a rewarding and satisfying charity to volunteer for, everyone is committed to making the difference and it is an exciting time with a new BAPEN strategy. We are always looking for more volunteers to join MAG, we are always happy to have students support projects or to hear from anyone who has ideas or suggestions for future work. Please get in touch: Dr Rebecca Stratton, Chair, mag@bapen.org.uk.