Priya Mistry

Priya Mistry

What made you apply for your role of Chair of BPNG?

I am passionate about nutrition support and the benefits a pharmacist can bring to the multidisciplinary nutrition team. I have been a member of BPNG since I started in Nutrition Support nearly 20 years ago. I became a member of the BPNG Executive Committee in 2016, initially as Professional Support Officer for Adults, and then as Secretary for the last three years. I always found BPNG great in providing pharmaceutical advice and educational materials which have supported my professional development. Nutrition is also an under-recognised area for clinical pharmacists, and recruitment to specialist posts in nutrition is a challenge. I applied for the role of Chair to enhance awareness to the wider clinical pharmacy network and lead the group in the launch of more face-to-face events post pandemic. I am also keen for the BPNG to engage in more research activities.

How did you find stepping into being involved in BAPEN?

I have to admit I was slightly nervous at my first Council meeting, but excited to share the developments within BPNG education plans and the recent launch of support materials. I had previously met some of the Council members through my role on the BAPEN Conference Committee which helped.

What sort of jobs are you involved in as BPNG Chair?

I have been in post since October 2022 so still finding my way. I chair our monthly executive committee meetings. We also had a recent meeting with BSNA stakeholders to catch up on how we can help each other’s education events. I have chaired BPNG Webinars and am part of the team organising the Fundamentals in Parenteral Nutrition Study Day in March. I have also led working groups on education materials on Drugs and Enteral Tubes, producing a patient information on Home Parenteral Support during power outages, and BPNG input into the Medusa Guideline on parenteral nutrition.

What have you most enjoyed working on in your role so far, and how important is multi-disciplinary representation in BAPEN?

I enjoyed launching our newly elected committee at the BAPEN Conference in November and was also asked to be on the expert panel and two of the symposiums. We have had great feedback on our monthly education webinars which have been running since last spring. These webinars are aimed at a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) audience and we welcome all professions involved in nutrition support. As BAPEN is a group with MDT members, it is important that each of the professions are represented. This is important for education events and materials, but also to raise awareness of professional challenges which may otherwise be overlooked.

Why do you think people should get involved with BAPEN?

It is great to network in a multidisciplinary environment. I have met so many healthcare professionals since joining BAPEN. It is rewarding getting involved with the education activities and supporting the development of others. BAPEN produces so many guidance resources, many in collaboration with its Core Groups. Being part of BAPEN and Core Groups opens opportunities to contribute to these resources. BAPEN and BPNG have both contributed to my professional development over the span of my career as a Nutrition Pharmacist.