BAPEN joins UK Health Alliance on Climate Change


BAPEN is pleased to have joined the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC). The Alliance brings together a range of healthcare professionals to advocate for change within the healthcare sector amidst the ongoing climate and ecological crisis. Through membership of the Alliance, we hope to support the amplification of the voice of environmentally-minded health professionals across the UK and be part of coordinated action.

This is one of many steps BAPEN is taking towards fulfilling our strategic priority of sustainability, as outlined in the 2022-2027 BAPEN Strategy. We pledged to maintain BAPEN as a sustainable, charitable organisation, through forward planning, people development and bold commitments to protect our environment, something that will be supported through our new membership of the UKHACC.

Dr Trevor Smith, BAPEN President, commented:

“The UKHACC’s role in uniting experts from across the healthcare sector behind a common goal to combat climate change is a necessity for our current times. BAPEN understands that advocacy and action towards greater sustainability in healthcare is crucial for the welfare of people and the planet, so joining the UKHACC is both a privilege and an opportunity to continue ongoing efforts to deliver on our strategic priorities.”

Against an ever-changing healthcare environment, environmental sustainability is paramount in securing our long-term ambition to champion safe, timely, and appropriate nutritional care. As such, we strive to consider and act on our environmental impact, and to work with fellow UK Health Alliance on Climate Change members towards positive change within the healthcare sector.

To find out more about the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, please visit their website.