BAPEN Patient Network Development Group



PINNT and BAPEN, two leading nutritional care organisations, will be furthering their close working relationship to build upon and improve the support available to patients. In the next few months, the two organisations will co-create a resource which supports patients and carers around what nutritional care they can expect.

A dedicated working group has been set up with representatives from PINNT and BAPEN, and each of BAPEN’s Core Groups will join to contribute multidisciplinary expertise.

The new resource seeks to manage expectations, promote excellent nutritional care, and help patients, carers and healthcare professionals understand the nutrition quality standards in a tangible way. It will be readily available via PINNT and BAPEN’s digital platforms, with the potential for further partner involvement.

Carolyn Wheatley, PINNT Chair, commented:

On behalf of PINNT, I am delighted to be working with BAPEN on the development of these new patient resources. I hope these emphasise individual responsibilities and ultimately optimise nutritional care provision – helping the right conversations to happen at the right time in the right place delivering the right care. I also look forward to engaging with other patient charities who may benefit from these resources, so we can ensure they are reaching all the right people.

Dr Trevor Smith, BAPEN President, said:

BAPEN is pleased to be supporting and dedicating more resource towards helping patients and carers to be able to make informed decisions and implement effective self-care when it comes to nutrition. I am confident that the process we will be following will enable us to develop a set of comprehensive and informative resources, from the multidisciplinary and collaborative nature of the working group to ‘testing’ the draft resources with patients for initial feedback. It would be fantastic to see these resources enhance nutritional care across the UK, and give patients and carers a louder voice regarding personal care.

Feedback on this initial co-created resource will be used to inform future working group mechanics and outputs from joint PINNT and BAPEN work.