Congratulating Dr Rebecca Stratton for being awarded the John Lennard-Jones medal at BAPEN Conference


Dr Rebecca Stratton speaking at Conference

Dr Rebecca Stratton was awarded the John Lennard-Jones medal at BAPEN’s 2023 Conference for her significant and consistent contribution to BAPEN over many years. Read the short interview below with Rebecca on her reaction to receiving the award.

How did winning the John Lennard-Jones medal feel? 

AMAZING!! I was so surprised, absolutely delighted & very proud!

John Lennard-Jones was an inspiring, pioneering clinician who I really admired – he did so much for clinical nutrition, and it is humbling to receive the recognition in his name, alongside fantastic clinicians that have won the medal in the past.

What does the award mean to you?

This award means such a lot to me! It has been an enormous pleasure and a privilege to have been a part of BAPEN since I was a PhD student, working together with so many great people over the past 25 years, all so committed and passionate about improving the nutritional care for patients in the UK and beyond. I will treasure this award and hope that together we have made a tangible difference to people’s lives and nutritional care in practice.

The JLJ award is given to people who make a significant and consistent contribution to BAPEN over many years – please can you tell us about one of your proudest achievements in your work with BAPEN? 

‘MUST’ is one of my proudest achievements, working with the legend that is Prof Marinos Elia. Creating the tool, all the clinical research to validate ‘MUST’ and identify malnutrition in practice, and more recently developing the patient and carer-friendly version of ‘MUST’!

It is even my arm that is used in the graphics for measuring ulna length and MUAC!