Episode 2 – Refeeding Syndrome

Episode 2 BIFA series – Refeeding Syndrome

The inaugural series of the BAPEN Podcasts has been dedicated to bringing to life the British Intestinal Failure Association (BIFA) top tips. This second episode, hosted by BAPEN Education Officer and Consultant Dietitian – Anne Holdoway, explores the topic of Refeeding Syndrome with two leading experts: Consultant Gastroenterologist, Dr Aminda de Silva and Clinical Specialist Dietitian, Peter Turner.

This insightful episode shares a wealth of knowledge on Refeeding Syndrome delivered through an easy-to-follow and digest conversation. Covering those at risk of refeeding syndrome, its management and prevention, the podcast provides transferable information for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dietitians, to apply in day-to-day practice.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Definition of refeeding syndrome
  • Risk criteria
  • Key steps to management and prevention in practice

Recommended reading:

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