Episode 3 – Distal Enteral Tube Feeding  

Episode 3 BIFA series – Distal Enteral Tube Feeding

In this podcast on Distal Enteral Tube Feeding, Anne Holdoway, former Education Officer for BAPEN, is joined by Kirstine Farrer, Consultant Dietitian in Intestinal failure and Antje Teubner, Associate Specialist in Intestinal Failure and Honorary Senior lecturer at the University of Manchester. Antje and Kirstine possess a wealth of clinical experience in clinical nutrition support and in this podcast share their insights and expertise on managing distal enteral feeding in clinical practice.

Key discussion points:

  • What we mean by Distal Enteral Tube Feeding (DETF) or Fistuloclysis.
  • The key benefits of DETF
  • Identifying patients who may benefit from DETF and contraindications
  • Investigations that may be needed prior to commencing DETF
  • Feeds and rates of administration, complete and trophic distal feeding
  • Side effects and complications that can arise and how to prevent them 

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