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BAPEN’s 2013 Conference
Focus: Providing nutritional care in difficult times.

Keynote Lecture: The Use of Glutamine in the Critically Ill. Jan Wenerman

Conference Symposia:

Liquidised Food and Feeding Tubes
A review of the history, research and expert opinion surrounding liquidised food and feeding tubes to give health professionals the balance of knowledge required should they encounter the issue in practice.

A Rocky Ride Down the Gut
Three key presentations discussing feeding in challenging situations, including the persistently vomiting patient: the small intestine where protein-losing enteropathy can lead to multiple nutritional deficiencies and malabsorption and the nutritional challenges presented by chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction.

Nutrition in the Neurologically Impaired
Difficult issues encountered when artificially feeding children with severe neurological abnormalities. Topics include when and how to investigate children with feeding difficulties, review of nutritional requirements and assessment, the most appropriate type of food and liquid enteral feed. And finally, how to approach social and ethical issues and the difficulties encountered by families and professionals when patients transfer to adult services.

Innovations to improve Quality
Several speakers from Salford report on their experience of the use of Quality Improvement methodology to improve nutritional care, including an orthopaedic project; the NHS QUEST project; and the principles of quality improvement. Several improvement projects from around the UK are then reported as examples – a Food first project in East Suffolk; a dietetic led coeliac clinic in Liverpool and a nutrition improvement project in a deprived area of London.

BAPEN’s 2014 Conference
Focus: Providing quality nutritional care

Keynote Lecture: Feed me with food convenient for me: nutritional care towards the end of life. Rodney Burnham

Pennington Lecture: The week we had tea and scones – creating a social movement to influence change. Caroline Lecko

Conference Symosia:

Dementia Dilemmas
The use of nutrients to maintain good nutritional status and the possibility of using specific substrates to improve mental function in this challenging condition.

Home PN – Safe and Sound
Practical steps involved in getting children and adults home on parenteral nutrition, with a special focus on issues of quality, safety, logistics and contingency in the provision of commercial homecare services.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a multimodal perioperative care pathway designed to achieve early recovery for patients undergoing major surgery. This symposium looks at the key factors of ERAS: preop fluids, calorie intake and early mobilisation covering their principles, complications and practical application to clinical practice.

A Patient’s Journey
A patient’s experiences, recounted through a case presentation and filmed interview with the patient focusing on the consequences of intestinal failure that are of particular importance to patients’ lives, tackling the psychological, social and economic challenges associated with developing intestinal failure and dependence on home parenteral nutrition.

Vitamins and Micronutrients through the Ages
The role of vitamins D and E in health and disease, the use and misuse of vitamin and micronutrient supplements as well as the role of mircronutrients in pregnancy, the neonate the older child, adult and in the elderly.

Feeding the Obese
The factors that make the management of bariatric patients different from managing post operative patients with a healthy BMI and will consider the long term consequences of their surgical procedures.

Feeding Guidelines for Eating Disorders
Best practice guidelines, management strategies and legal issues for children and adults with eating disorders, with practical advice to assist with managing feeding and behavioural issues for these difficult patients.

BAPEN at DDF 2015
Conference Focus: Integrated nutrition with education on GI disease.

Keynote lecture: Bulk or bounce – what are the aims of nutritional support? K Jeejeebhoy (within the “Getting it right……” symposium) see below

Pennington Lecture: Immunonutrition, where are we now? Phillip Calder.

Conference Symposia:

Nutrition and Cancer
These sessions from the BAPEN Medical Teaching Day have a broad approach to this topic, with talks on food and the aetiology of cancer, cancer cachexia, the nutritional complications of cancer treatments and how to approach nutrition as part of End of Life Care.

Dietary Influence on GI disease
EN as therapy for Crohn’s disease, new aspects of coeliac disease and the use of FODMAPS diets.

Intestinal Failure – what now? Where Next?
Practical aspects of management such as discharging patients, high output stomas, central venous thrombosis and management of liver dysfunction.

Access for Enteral Nutrition
Different types of enteral access, PEG problems, how to manage distal feeding or fistuloclysis and a debate about nutrition support after oesophagogastric resection.

Nutrition support teams – are they worth it?
The need for nutrition support teams and what their particular profession brings to the team, including a discussion of how to gain management support for funding your team.

Nutrition and Liver Disease
From feeding the patient with liver disease, through minimising liver dysfunction during parenteral nutrition to a debate on the energy needs of decompensated liver disease patients, this symposium covers the relationship of nutrition and liver disease.

Getting it right in Nutritional Support  (includes the Keynote Lecture)
Both nutritional requirements and the formulation of parenteral nutrition are considered here with the Keynote lecture on the Aims of Nutritional Support by Professor Jeejeebhoy.

Understanding Eating disorders
This symposium is followed by a Grand Round on the same topic, with the involvement of both physicians and psychiatrists in lectures on the psychopathology of eating disorders, their modern psychiatric treatment, management of the physically unwell eating disorder patient, the practicalities of running a service with legal aspects of patient care.

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