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Website – www.bpng.co.uk

BPNG aims to support its members by providing:

  • Networking with peers in your speciality
  • Opportunities to compare ideas and exchange information with others
  • Access to international leaders in the field
  • Opportunities to meet suppliers/manufacturers in a non-commercial forum
  • Regular newsletters and periodic policy documents
  • A forum to present research/audit/case studies and ideas
  • Regular education events including our Fundamentals to Parenteral Nutrition Course – a beginners course for all health professionals

BPNG has produced a number of publications including:

  • Resources for HPN management during power outages and weather extremes
  • A position statement on Multi-Chambered Bags
  • A Competency Framework for pharmacists working within Clinical Nutrition
  • Handbook of Drug Administration via Enteral Feeding Tubes
  • Information resource on Administration of drugs via enteral feeding tubes
  • Patient Information Leaflet for PN

More information is available on the BPNG website

Committee members:

  • Priya Mistry (Chair)
  • Venetia Simchowitz (Vice Chair)
  • Sarah Zeraschi (Secretary)
  • Jacqueline Eastwood (Treasurer)
  • Ruth Newton (Education & Training)
  • Rebecca White (Communications Officer)
  • Marco Puzovic (Research and Development Officer)
  • Graeme Doherty, Amy Hill, Nina Taherzadeh, Simon Harrison and Gil Hardy (Co-ordinating Officers x 5)
  • Lucy Hutchinson (Professional Development Officer – Adults)
  • Vacant (Professional Development Officer – Paediatrics)
  • Tony Murphy, Tim Sizer and Kate Reilly (Co-opted members x3)