BAPEN Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

BAPEN has two special interest groups (SIGs) which are recognised groups of interested individuals within BAPEN with the aim of developing policies, educational programmes, training, research studies or publications in a particular area of common interest.


A SIG will have a chair and a small committee and may appoint a secretary to run the administrative aspects. A treasurer may also be appointed

Members of the SIG must be members of BAPEN, and we encourage people to ask to get involved with a SIG they may be interested in.

A SIG should be multidisciplinary but this is not an absolute requirement as the focus is on bringing interested and expert individuals together. Industry members can be present on a SIG but this needs to be in keeping with the BAPEN policy for industry members.

The chair of the SIG sits on BAPEN Council.

Current BAPEN Specialist Interest Groups: