Patient Network Group


The PNG SIG has recently developed two resources explaining the Nutrition Quality Standards for adults who are receiving oral, enteral or parenteral nutrition support, which can be accessed here. The resources highlight the importance of a comprehensive nutritional care assessment and the implementation of a holistic nutritional care plan which works for the individual who is in need of nutrition support.

Members of the Committee

  • Carolyn Wheatley (Chair)
  • Trevor Smith (Secretary)
  • Kate Hall (Member)
  • Jane Fletcher (Member)


  1. To develop a collaborative network of patients, people, and carers from patient-led, not for profit organisations in the UK.
  2. To provide a forum enabling discussion between patient groups, patients, people, and carers on the impact of living with artificial nutrition. Artificial nutrition includes people with enteral feeding tubes, oral support or receiving parenteral nutrition, either partially or fully meeting their nutritional needs.    
  3. To provide patients, people, and carers with knowledge around disease related malnutrition in a variety of conditions and disease states. This knowledge will enable patients and carers to start a conversation with healthcare professionals about their nutritional care.


  1. To broaden the patient voice of those impacted by artificial nutrition and disease related malnutrition.
  2. To illustrate BAPEN’s commitment to put patients at the centre of all they do.
  3. To lead, listen, share and support the conversation around artificial nutrition and disease related malnutrition.


  • Membership of the PNG SIG will be open to any recognised patient group that concurs with BAPEN’s values. Membership will initially be by invitation.
  • The group will be deemed a Special Interest Group within BAPEN, and therefore, will adhere to the BAPEN Constitution.
  • The group will appoint a Chair and an Honorary Secretary. These roles will be elected by the PNG SIG members every 2 years according to the committee’s needs. The Chair will represent the PNG SIG on BAPEN Council.
  • The PNG SIG will develop a dedicated patient portal area of the BAPEN website and activities of the PNG SIG will be shared via this portal.
  • The group will hold regular in person or virtual meetings a minimum of quarterly to support its’ aims and objectives.  
  • The activities of the group will be reported to the BAPEN Executive Committee and to Council by the Chair of the Committee three times per year.
  • Finances: Expenses incurred by Committee members will be reimbursed by BAPEN, according to BAPEN’s expenses policy, following receipt of an expenses claim form. Meetings of the group will be organised in line with BAPEN guidelines, and all costs involved recorded in the BAPEN accounts.
  • The terms of reference of the group will be reviewed every 2 years or sooner if required.


Carolyn Wheatley – Chair of PINNT

PNG SIG Honorary Secretary
Dr Trevor Smith, Consultant Gastroenterologist, University Hospitals Southampton (former President of BAPEN)

PNG SIG Group Members

Kate Hall, Specialist Dietitian and BAPEN Communications Officer

Dr Jane Fletcher, Lead Nurse for Nutrition, University Hospitals Birmingham. BAPEN Executive – Professional Affairs Officer

Lucy Hutchinson, BPNG, Lead Nutrition Pharmacist (Adults), University Hospitals Bristol

Fleur Hartley, NNNG, Lead Nurse for Nutrition & Hydration, East Kent Hospitals University