UK MAW 2019

It's time to download your materials for UK Malnutrition Awareness Week!

Read the UK Malnutrition Awareness Week 2019 Joint Mission Statement here

What’s happening?

BAPEN is once again teaming up with the Malnutrition Task Force and we will once again be focusing on raising awareness through the media and social media. Our focus this year is on improving screening in all settings, and increasing use of the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool, the BAPEN online self-screening tool, and other screening and signposting resources.

What can you do?

Whether you work in a hospital, primary care centre, care home or other community setting, you can run your own Malnutrition Awareness Week event with this resource pack.

It contains:

  • A leaflet about useful self-screening, supported screening and signposting resources (this may be particularly useful if you work with vulnerable people in a care or voluntary setting)
  • A factsheet about BAPEN’s online self-screening tool (this provides information about online self-screening to anybody who is worried about their own weight loss of that of somebody they care about, or for anybody who may be vulnerable who wants to monitor their weight over time)
  • A poster about eating enough to stay well in older age (this can be displayed in your setting or handed out to vulnerable older people – it is designed to help people think about their own weight, and think about some of the warning signs of worrying weight loss)
  • A poster about understanding weight loss (this can also be displayed in your setting or handed out to vulnerable people or those who care for them. It provides some basic facts about weight loss, when you might be vulnerable to malnutrition and when you should seek help)
  • A poster about understanding risk (this is an alternative choice poster which has more facts about the causes and impact of malnutrition and points to the self-screening tool)
  • A poster about ‘malnutrition myths’ (this is also a good option for displaying in your setting or handing out, as it examines some of the key prevailing ‘myths’ and the truth behind them, alerting people to the facts they need to be aware of)
  • An infographic about malnutrition in the older population (this may be particularly useful to share with colleagues who are less aware of how malnutrition can disproportionately affect people aged over 65)
  • A poster celebrating your involvement in UK Malnutrition Awareness Week (one to display proudly to capture people's attention!)
  • An information sheet about the national survey of malnutrition and nutritional care that will run during UK Malnutrition Awareness Week (this is for the attention of all health and social care professionals)

Please note we have provided materials in a variety of formats. For each of these materials – you can print them at home, download them as a PDF, or use the professional print layout (with print bleeds).


  1. Self-screening, supported screening and signposting leaflet [PDF] [Print-ready file] [Print at home]
  2. Online self-screening factsheet [PDF] [Print-ready file] [Print at home]
  3. Are you eating enough poster [PDF] [Print-ready file] [Print at home]
  4. Weight loss aware poster [PDF] [Print-ready file] [Print at home]
  5. Understanding risks poster [PDF] [Print-ready file] [Print at home]
  6. Malnutrition myths poster [PDF] [Print-ready file] [Print at home]
  7. Infographic about malnutrition in older people [PDF] [Print-ready file] [Print at home]
  8. We are supporting poster [PDF] [Print-ready file] [Print at home]
  9. Information about the national survey [PDF] [Print-ready file] [Print at home]

If you are staging a local event we really hope you will share pictures on social media, using #MAW2019!

If you work in a health or social care setting we would also really like you to help us collect your Malnutrition Risk Screening data in our new portal - click here for more info, as this helps us build up a national picture of nutrition services.

Looking for inspiration for ways to get involved? Try searching social media for #MAW2018 to see what your peers and colleagues got up to last year!

Selfie example

MAW Selfies!

We want to see you getting involved on social media! We've designed up a template for you to print out and pose with to create a selfie for your social channels!

Whether you are at home, in the office, at a friend's house, including all the doctors, nurses, dieticians and nutritionists in hospitals and the community, here's what we need you to do:


Download the selfie-card file here and print it out.


Write in the blank space what you think there should be more conversations about when it comes to malnutrition and dehydration – or perhaps you want to share what you've been having #MAWConversations about recently.


Take a selfie or get someone to take a photo of you holding your #MAWConversations suggestions.


Upload your photo to Twitter or Facebook (or any social media platform) using the hashtag #MAWConversations, tag @BAPENUK on Twitter and @UKBAPEN on Facebook and use the #MAW2019 hashtag if you have room too!

Are you an organisation that would like to take part in Malnutrition Awareness Week 2019? We welcome new partners that can help us raise greater awareness. If you would like further information on how to get involved please contact

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