Thank you to everyone who took part in UKMAW 2021 – it was fantastic to see so much involvement with the various activities. We would also like to say thank you to The Malnutrition Task Force for another brilliant year of partnership. We can’t wait to see you all next year to continue raising awareness!

UK Malnutrition Awareness Week (UKMAW) 2021 takes place from 11th – 17th October.

We are delighted to be partnering again with the Malnutrition Task Force for the fourth year running to bring you a week of activities, all with the aim of increasing understanding of the dangers, risk factors and signs of malnutrition and dehydration.

#UKMAW2021’s focus is to Ask, Look, Listen

This year, our message is that everybody must work together to help find people who are at risk. It is easier to manage malnutrition or dehydration when it is spotted earlier, so we want everybody in the community to look out for family members, neighbours, and colleagues. We want people to ‘Ask, Look and Listen’ and recognise that we are ALL in this together.

So, what does ‘Ask, Look and Listen’ mean in practice?

Ask – If you know somebody who may be vulnerable because they are older, because they have health problems, or perhaps because they are isolated, don’t be afraid to ask them if they are eating and drinking okay. Don’t be afraid to ask about somebody’s appetite or ability to prepare food and drink, it could make all the difference and help you stop malnutrition in its tracks.

Look – Always be on the lookout for tell-tale signs of unplanned weight loss such as looser clothing, loose belts or rings or dentures. And remember you won’t always see weight loss so keep your eyes open for other signs like empty fridges and cupboards.

Listen – Listen out for what somebody is telling you about their life. It may not be about eating and drinking directly, but is it about feeling lonely, or losing interest in things that usually give them pleasure? Practice active listening and think about how the way somebody is feeling generally may affect how they are able to look after themselves.

MAG Screening Survey

One of the most significant ways you can get involved with UKMAW is by contributing to the Malnutrition Action Group National Screening Survey. The survey aims to gather data from a range of health and social care settings across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

By screening a large number of people across the UK, we can build a better picture of the scale of the malnutrition problem both in acute and community settings. This is valuable data, and it is vitally important that we ‘take the temperature’ in this second year of the coronavirus pandemic, to judge its impact on vulnerable populations.

It is quick and easy to register, and you can do so here. Entering the information is easy too, and does not require a significant time commitment. The survey will be open for the whole month of October, so please do get involved and remind colleagues to do the same!

The social media conversation

On social media each day of the week will have a particular theme. See below to find out what we will be focusing on each day! For more details on each day's theme, including ways that you can get involved, click here.

Get social savvy

We would encourage you to get involved in the conversation, either to share knowledge or learnings, or to raise issues that you think need to be addressed. We have previously asked you to use our #MAWconversations selfie card, this year we would like you to show us your selfies particularly on #ChallengesTuesday!

As well as having conversations with the community – please think about whether you can use your social media profile to communicate with other colleagues who are not nutrition specialists, or with family and friends.

Please always use the hashtag #UKMAW2021

Materials and resources

Below you will find posters that you can print out and share with patients or with local voluntary service contacts or friends and family. Let us know if there is anything in particular you would like.

Make sure to be following our page (Twitter: @BAPENUK, Facebook: @UKBAPEN), and Malnutrition Task Force’s @MalnutritionTF), and use the hashtag #UKMAW2021 to keep up to date with everything that will be going on!


Here you will find posters that we encourage you to download and share with any patients or people you are concerned about.

For more tools and resources you can also link to the Malnutrition Task Force website here.

Social Media Assets

We will be sharing more social media assets you are welcome to use for posts about UKMAW shortly. Check back in soon!

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