Each day of UK Malnutrition Awareness Week 2021 will have a particular theme. Have a read of what we’ve got planned below!

Monday 11th October

On Monday we will be kicking off UK Malnutrition Awareness Week 2021 by sharing information about the various tools that are available to help identify people who are malnourished or who are at risk of malnutrition, and sign-post them towards the right resources to use.

In particular, we ask that all health and social care professionals join in with our screening survey to help paint a picture of malnutrition and nutritional care in the UK in 2021. This survey ultimately provides us with a fantastic tool for defining the scale of the malnutrition challenge. Please encourage your colleagues to also join in as it is a really important way you can get involved with UKMAW. To contribute to the 2021 screening survey, click here. It would be fantastic if you would post on social media to tell us and the world you are contributing to the survey.

Also on Monday – tell us why ‘MUST’ matters to you, and tell us about other, local tools and resources that you have found helpful.

There are also various resources available to download from the Malnutrition Task Force’s website here which are great to give to patients. Whatever you want to say about tools and resources, say it on Monday on social!

Tuesday 12th October

UKMAW is about raising awareness of the risk of malnutrition. Join us on the 12th for #ChallengesTuesday when we will be asking everyone to tell us what challenges, barriers and issues they face in delivering good nutrition and hydration care.

We have developed a selfie card so that people can share challenges they have experienced in delivering good nutrition and hydration care. It would be great for as many of you as possible to join the conversation we will be having on social media on Tuesday, so that we can learn from one another. It’s been very tough over the past year and there have obviously been many unforeseen challenges, barriers and difficulties to delivering good nutritional and hydration care. You may want to talk about that, or challenges that predated the coronavirus pandemic, or particular challenges you experience locally. Whatever frustrates you, we want to know about it on #ChallengesTuesday!

Wednesday 13th October

On Wednesday, our focus will be on hydration. Please share your advice, insights, and thoughts on how to communicate important messages about the dangers of dehydration and the common mistakes people make when they are caring for someone.

We are also interested in hearing how nutrition teams stay hydrated themselves - so perhaps you can share with us! Send us a picture of your coffee break, or share your top tips!

This year the National Hydration Network (NHN) will be holding their virtual Annual Conference during UKMAW2021. The Conference aims to provide an overview of progress and challenges related to fundamental hydration care; including updates on new hydration initiatives and research, programmes of work, education and training, as well as focusing on the impact of Covid-19. It’s free to attend, and is going to be great. Please join and share thoughts with us on #UKMAW2021: Wednesday 13th October 12:30-14:30. You can register here.

Thursday 14th October

Thursday sees our focus shift onto access to food and nutrition. Where is great stuff happening to improve access to nutrition? What are the issues? What needs looking at? Who is vulnerable?

We are interested in your thoughts around provision of nutritional support or artificial nutrition for people who need it. There are obviously also problems facing people who are reliant on meals-on-wheels or home delivery of ready meals. The coronavirus pandemic has made things difficult for many people, we need to know about the key issues and worries this is causing. Please tell us about anything you have done locally to improve access to nutrition or to map issues. Please join the conversation. This is a great opportunity to share ideas for best practice – together we can improve knowledge and motivation!

Friday 15th October

Friday is all about getting winter-ready. Everybody within the health and social care system knows that we are approaching the most challenging time of the year, and since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, we need to think about the winter crisis in our community too. Good nutrition is an essential part of holistic health care and ought to be thought of alongside other aspects of preparedness.

Please join the conversation and point your contacts in the direction of good resources and share your experiences, advice and reflections. Together we need to raise awareness of vulnerable older people, those at risk of disease-related malnutrition and those reliant on nutrition support of keeping well this winter.

We are particularly keen at this point to encourage people to start using our self-screening tool. Taking a benchmark now can help people monitor weight loss through the winter.

There are tips and ideas here for staying healthy and well through the winter – please read these and share with anyone you feel may benefit from them.

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th October

Do you know any #NutritionSuperheroes?

To mark the end of UK Malnutrition Awareness Week 2021 we are asking you to tell us what it takes to be a nutrition superhero – we think (and hope!) it means different things to different people.

Tell us who your hero or heroes are, or even just why you think there should be more superheroes around.

We are also on the hunt for people who have survived nutrition challenges and those all-important family carers who are getting to grips with nutrition challenges.

Let’s end the week on a high by celebrating success and inspiring people to make the changes they can to keep more people well.

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