How Good is Your Nutritional Care?

Spreading Improvements in Nutritional Care

In 2016, BAPEN was awarded £28,000 from the Health Foundation which was used to help spread system wide improvements in the delivery of nutritional care.

We made a film to help commissioners and providers understand what changes they can make to ensure they deliver excellent nutritional care. The film describes the case for change and signposts tools and resources such as the BAPEN Nutritional Care Tool that can help ensure best practice.

Organisations across the health and social care economy need to work together to improve the nutritional care delivered to local populations and patients. The BAPEN film is a useful resource for those responsible for ensuring excellent nutritional care is delivered including:

  • Chief Nurses
  • Medical Directors
  • Chief Executives
  • NHS Finance Directors
  • Leads for Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALs)
  • Commissioners
  • Social care Directors

There are several other BAPEN videos related to malnutrition that organisations may find useful.

Together we can make a difference