Malnutrition Videos

BAPEN 2016 – how can we improve Nutritional Care in our hospitals?

Optimal Nutritional Care For All

Malnutrition in the UK – what BAPEN is doing to address the problem

Newscaster Martyn Lewis interviews Professor Mike Stroud, former Chair of BAPEN on malnutrition in the UK and how the charity is addressing the issue

Screening for Malnutrition – BAPEN ‘MUST’ App Explained (2010)

Prof Marinos Elia explains how ‘MUST’ and the ‘MUST’ App identify those at risk of malnutrition in community, care and hospital. The ‘MUST’ App for the iPhone enables more health and care staff to cascade information about the impact of malnutrition and how it can be identified and treated.  ‘MUST’ App – Get it – Use it – Share it!

Dr Mike Stroud speaks at the QIPP Summit Event Oct 12th 2011. The contribution of nutrition and hydration to the ‘Q’ in QIPP.

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Dr Ailsa Brotherton talking at a Patient Safety Express event 15th March 2011 on “Malnutrition in the UK: The importance of Nutritional Screening”

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The future of nutritional care

Dr Tim Bowling talking at the Patient safety express coalition summit, 12th October 2011. He outlines the importance of strategic planning of nutritional care, particularly in the community.

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How is malnutrition prevented and treated?