NHS Midlands & East have worked in collaboration with BAPEN to outline ‘what good nutritional care looks like’ for commissioners, clinicians and NHS managers. The new poster is being distributed throughout the NHS and is available to download here.

Lyn McIntyre, Deputy Director, Patient Experience at the NHS Commissioning Board said, ‘As part of our pressure ulcer ambition in NHS Midlands and East, a working party of key healthcare professionals mapped the nutritional care that was delivered across the region and found many examples of excellent practice which we were keen to share. Nutrition and hydration are key elements in the prevention of pressure ulcers, but we found confusion in the system given the plethora of nutritional standards and guidelines. We have therefore developed this poster in collaboration with BAPEN, which summarises at a glance what commissioners need to commission in both primary and secondary care to ensure that we are meeting patients’ nutritional needs’.

Dr Mike Stroud, Chair of BAPEN’s quality group and the NICE nutrition support guidelines (2006) said, ‘This poster is an excellent resource for commissioners and hospital executive teams to see at a glance where the current gaps are in their provision of nutritional care. It is now seven years since the NICE Guidelines were published, recommending that each hospital had a nutrition nurse and a nutrition support team yet we know that approximately 40% of hospitals still do not have a fully functioning team and the majority of GP practices have failed to implement screening as recommended in the guidelines’.

Dr Tim Bowling, Chair of BAPEN commented, ‘We have a unique opportunity to embed good nutritional care right across our health care system as a core part of the 6Cs nursing strategy which will improve patient experience and clinical outcomes tremendously’.

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