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A decade of data from the British Artificial Nutrition Survey (BANS), a Standing Committee of BAPEN demonstrates the marked increase in numbers of people living an active life and living in their own homes supported by home enteral tube feeding (HETF). The 2011 BANS Report is published today (Wednesday 30 November) at the BAPEN Annual Conference (Harrogate, 28-30 November).

From 2000 to 2010, BANS data has recorded a marked increase in patients who were fully active (from 17% to 40%); independently living (from 21% to 40%); and living in their own home (from 56% to 69%).

Dr Trevor Smith, Chair of BANS says: “It is most satisfying to see this increase in numbers of patients on home enteral tube feeding being able to live an active life and stay in their own homes.”

The proportion of newly registered home enteral tube feeding (HETF) patients with cancer (predominantly head and neck cancer) continues to increase from 25% in 2000 to 39% in 2010.

Older people accounted for large percentages of the new registrations with 63% aged 60 or over and 41% aged 70 or over. The two main reasons for patients starting on HETF this year and this included on the BANS register were swallowing disorders (65%) and to provide adequate nutrition (27%).

Whilst the number of BANS Reporting Centres is down this year, more complete data sets have been received from all centres resulting in an overall increase in the data available and thus more robust information.

Dr Smith concludes: “The importance of nutritional care, delivered according to individual need with support from nursing and dietetic professionals, is increasingly recognised as a vital ingredient in improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities. Our data from BANS demonstrates that more medical and clinical specialities are recognising its therapeutic value and that patients are benefitting from an improved quality of life as a result.”

The 2011 BANS Report is freely available to download from the BAPEN website at together with an Executive Summary of the key data.

Full details on the BAPEN Conference 2011 are available here

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