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Issued: Tuesday 11 October 2011, embargoed until 00.01am Thursday 13 October 2011

  • The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has today (Thursday 13 October 2011) published its report on the overall findings of their Dignity and Nutrition Inspection (DANI) programme, an inspection of 100 hospitals in England of compliance to essential standards of care for dignity and nutrition.
  • 83 of the 100 hospitals inspected were delivering care that met the essential standard for nutrition (i.e. 17 failed) but 49 of the 100 inspected have been directed by the CQC to make improvements in their provision of nutritional care.

Dr Mike Stroud, Chair of BAPEN responds:

"Hospitals are legally bound to comply with the CQC's standards of nutritional care. It is unacceptable that hospitals ‘spot-checked’ by CQC were found to be non-compliant on essential standards of nutritional care, and disappointing that they were not entirely happy with standards of nutritional care seen in some other hospitals.

BAPEN has long campaigned for all patients to be weighed and screened for malnutrition on admission so that patients at risk can be identified and treated. If screening does not take place, malnutrition remains unidentified and untreated which results in increased complications, longer hospital stays and even death.

Hospitals have all the evidence, guidance and training materials they need - much of it provided by BAPEN. They should by now have made nutritional care a priority and have focused on redesigning systems to ensure that good nutritional care is delivered to all patients, whether that’s help with eating and drinking, provision of special diets or supplements, or interventions such as tube feeding.

The CQC ‘spot checks’ on hospitals that did ‘pass’ the essential standard of nutritional care demonstrates that many hospitals are getting nutritional care right - so there really is no excuse and no patients should be let down by managers and staff over this fundamental issue of care.”

Dr Mike Stroud, Chair of BAPEN, is available for interview. Photos are also available.

Note for Editors:
BAPEN provides three packages of support for Trusts to help them improve their systems and ensure they comply with the CQC’s essential standards of nutritional care:

  1. Meeting Nutritional Standards Resource Kit – for Trusts confident that they have good systems in place; provides resources and support for audit.
  2. Education for front-line staff: e-learning package – two versions are available: one for healthcare workers in hospital; the other for those working in the community. For organisations largely confident they have systems in place; provides education and monitoring to help deliver sustainability.
  3. Quality Improvement Approach to improving nutritional care – intensive support for Trusts that have failed, or been asked by CQC to instigate improvements, or are facing a CQC Inspection and are unsure of the robustness of their systems.

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BAPEN is the multi-professional registered charity committed to combating malnutrition and promoting excellence in nutritional care in hospital, care homes and the community. Registered Charity No. 1023927

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