November 2016: BAPEN has announced the introduction of the World’s first Intestinal Failure (IF) Registry. It will be hosted on the N3 NHS Secure network and will look to track the following:

  • Identification of specialist IF activity in UK hospitals
  • Register of Nutrition Team members and IF service structure
  • Register of all type 2 & 3 IF patients
    • Diagnosis
    • In-patient data
    • Surgical data
    • PN line details
    • Outpatient data

The aim of the IF registry will be to provide important information on clinical activity and outcomes for patients managed in Intestinal Failure Units across UK hospitals. The registry will provide a consistent national dataset that will facilitate improvements in quality and clinical outcomes for patients.

Commenting on the Launch Trevor Smith, BAPEN’s BANS Committee Chair said, “This is a really significant launch for BAPEN and patients and clinicians in the UK as it is the first registry of IF activity available anywhere in the world. Following on from this launch our ultimate aim will be to produce an intestinal failure quality dashboard for patients and clinical services.”

The new registry has been developed by The BANS (British Artificial Nutrition Survey) which was set up as a committee of BAPEN in 1996 with the aim of developing an integrated approach to managed care. BANS is the only national survey which collects, analyses and reports information about patients receiving Artificial Nutrition Support (ANS) in hospital and the community.

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