Nutrition Screening Week

Establishing prevalence of malnutrition in adults on admission to care across the UK

NSW is the largest survey of its kind in the UK. Four surveys have been completed at different times of the year in order to investigate any seasonal variations. In 2010 it was expanded to include centres in ROI. It was undertaken in collaboration with the BDA, RCN, the 2010 and 2011 surveys also being in collaboration with the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute. It has the support of DoH in England, Scottish Government, Welsh Assembly Government and Chief Nursing Officer for Northern Ireland. Results have been widely used and cited in many publications.

BAPEN thanks its collaborating partners – the BDA and RCN – and the NPSA and all four UK nations for their continuing support for and promotion of the charity’s screening weeks.

BAPEN’s 1st Nutrition Screening Week (NSW) was established in 2007 to collect data on malnutrition risk in adults on admission to hospitals, mental health trusts and care homes across the UK. Additional information is also collected on nutrition policy and practice.

Four Screening Weeks were then conducted across the four seasons to evaluate any seasonal variations in malnutrition risk.

NSW07 collected data in September to cover the Autumn; NSW08 collected data in early July to cover Summer; NSW10 collected data in January to cover the Winter and NSW11 collected data in April to cover Spring.

In 2010 and 2011 the surveys were extended to include centres in the Republic of Ireland (ROI).

BAPEN Reports have been produced for each NSW and amalgamated Reports have also been produced which combine the data from all of the surveys to present a more comprehensive picture of malnutrition in the UK and ROI.

PDF copies of the reports are available for members only in our archive

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