How to apply for permission to use ‘MUST’

Process for applying for a permission to reproduce the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool ‘MUST’

The malnutrition universal screening tool (‘MUST’) was developed by the British Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN) for the routine screening of patients in the healthcare settings and the community in the United Kingdom. The copyright for ‘MUST’ is owned by BAPEN. Therefore, anyone wishing to reproduce ‘MUST’ is required to apply for permission from BAPEN. Figure 1 (below) shows the process for application.

On application a permission letter or licencing agreement will be issued by BAPEN depending on the user category as shown in Table 1 in the ‘MUST’ User Categories and Costs PDF. The reproduction of ‘MUST’ may be audited by BAPEN periodically to ensure accurate reproduction of the copyrighted tool. This may include requesting a copy of the reproduction from the user.

Where a letter of permission has been issued, permission stands if ‘MUST’ is used within the agreed terms. Where the user wishes to change the terms of use, the user must reapply for permission.

Where users have been issued a licence agreement, contracts are for 12 months as standard. Three months prior to the licence expiry date, BAPEN office will contact the user to identify if a renewal is required.  Ongoing prices will be subject to changes in the consumer price index as at 1st January each year.

‘MUST’ is free in the download version from the BAPEN website to individual health and social care professionals using the tool. The online tool for ‘MUST’ is free to access for this purpose.

Agreements are subject to English Law and the jurisdiction of English Courts.

Process for Applying to Reproduce 'MUST'

Figure 1 Process for applying for permission to reproduce ‘MUST’

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Note: The licence agreement only exists when the application is approved and both parties have signed and dated the agreement.
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