‘Roll of Honour’ was introduced in 2008. This is the gift of Council for any member who has given “over and above” for BAPEN in the preceding year. As a general principle just being a committee Chair or a member of Council, for example, will not necessarily be sufficient. BAPEN is very keen that individuals outside of Council are identified and rewarded, e.g. Regional Reps who have run a successful meeting. Nominations for the Roll of Honour need to be submitted to the Secretary by 31st August each year for consideration and bestowal at the October/November conference.

Year Recipient Awarded for


Dr Sorrel Burden

For her work on MUST, MUST Licensing and Copyright.


Kate Hall and Dr Nicola Burch

Kate for her work on developing Malnutrition Awareness Week and Nicola for her work organising BAPEN Medical teaching days and her major contribution to BAPEN Executive and her role as BAPEN Treasurer.


Margy Thomson, Bruno Mafrici

Margy Thomson, BAPEN Scotland committee member for her assistance in the organisation of their study days; Bruno Mafrici for his contribution to the PENG Pocket Guide to Clinical Nutrition.


James Fletcher, Kate Cheema & Jo Wheeler


Sean White & Sarah Zeraschi


Liz Harrison and Andrea Cartwright

Liz Harrison for her work with BAPEN Medical trainees; Andrea Cartwright for her work on BAPEN Executive and with BAPEN membership in general.


Steve Brown, Barbara Davidson, Kate Hall & Christopher Mountford

For their work and contribution to BAPEN.


Dr Ruth McKee & Faye Eagle

Ruth – For her work for BAPEN over many years including BAPEN Medical.
Faye – For her work as Publisher and for her editorial contribution to In Touch.


Anne Holdoway & Pete Turner

For their outstanding contribution to the delivery of BAPEN’s Annual Conference at DDF 2012.


Kirsten Farrer

For her work as 'MUST' champion


Dr Janet Baxter

For her work for BAPEN over many years including BIFA and BANS


Geoff Simmonett

His work with PINNT and long service representing patients in BAPEN with unflagging commitment and humour.


Ailsa Brotherton

For her work for BAPEN on the Quality group and publication of the Malnutrition Matters commissioning toolkit


Dr Nicola Simmonds

For her work developing e-learning modules for FY1 and FY2 doctors


Peter Austin

South Regional Rep, for his efforts on the organisation and successes of the Southern Region BAPEN meetings.


Dr Barry Jones

His very considerable input as Chair of BANS over several years and its increasing success and profile


Mrs Ann Mickelwright

Her considerable services to BAPEN over many years, including Secretary in the early days and a long-time stalwart for BANS and its predecessor the HETF (home enteral tube feeding) register.


Prof Jeremy Powell-Tuck

For being the instigator and founder of both BAPEN Medical and the UKHPN group, and his any contributions to BAPEN over many years


Mrs Christine Russell

Treasurer for BAPEN 2005-8. Contributor to MUST and the prime force in the Nutrition Screening Weeks.

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