BAPEN introduced the Student Award in 2014. This award is open to any student nurse, dietitian, medic or pharmacist who has made a significant contribution in the field of nutrition which may be worthy of recognition, e.g. an audit, change of practice or project.

If you would like to nominate either yourself or a colleague please email the BAPEN Office for more details (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The Student Award is awarded annually at the BAPEN Conference.

Year Recipient Awarded for


Amira Burnieh, Giulia Russo, Lara Dami, King’s College London

In support of the UKMAW 2020 social media campaign.


Siddhartha Oke, Imperial College, London

In recognition of his research on the long-term survival of patients with type 3 intestinal failure.


Rachel Warke and Maeve Gallagher, Ulster University / Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland

In recognition of their contribution to completing a large number of research and quality improvement projects.


Alison Culkin, London Southbank University

In recognition of becoming the first Registered Dietitian in the country to be a supplementary prescriber.


Mina Bhural, City University

In recognition of her work to improve the provision of nutrition to ICU patients.


Beth Rye, City University, St Mark’s Hospital

In recognition of her MSc project on perioperative nutritional status and complications in colorectal surgery.


Filomena Gomes, King’s College London

In recognition of her work on 'MUST' in stroke.


Arthur Okonkwo, Newcastle University

In recognition of his work on malnutrition in care homes.

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