Hospital food pioneer wins British Dietetic Association award

Rick Wilson, Director of Nutrition and Dietetics at Kings College Hospital NHS Trust, in London, was awarded the prestigious Ibex Award at the British Dietetic Association Awards Ceremony on 15th June 2005 in Cardiff. This award for professional achievement is awarded in recognition of his significant contribution to the dietetic profession.

Rick, who has been a dietitian for nearly thirty years, has become well-known for his outstanding work in raising awareness about the role of hospital food in the nutritional care of patients. He has represented the dietetic profession widely, his tireless contribution ensuring that the role of the dietitian remains central to food service. Rick commented: “Being a pragmatist, I could see that hospital food was deteriorating some years ago, food had fallen off the agenda, and I could see that improvements could be made by making a number of basic steps.Though still a long way to go, I am proud to have been one of the people who made moves to catalyse these changes.”

Rick represents the British Dietetic Association on the Better Hospital Food Panel and has contributed to TV and radio programmes discussing the role of food in hospitals. He was recently recognised in a broadsheet newspaper’s ‘top ten’ dietitians in the country.

On winning the award, Rick said: “I am delighted to have been nominated for this award by my peers. Food is pivotal to the work of dietitians and we should not lose sight of the important role that food has to play in our mission as dietitians.”

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