A larger membership means a stronger share of voice when we speak to Government and senior decision and policy makers.

BAPEN members enjoy benefits such as:

  • BAPEN discounted rates for Annual Conference, regional meetings and ESPEN
  • Discounted print and online subscription rates to Frontline Gastroenterology.
  • Access to a wide range of on-line resources
  • Policy access & input to national reports, documents & commissioning tools
  • Education through local & national events
  • Networking opportunities through forums, meetings and events
  • BAPEN members are entitled to a free subscription to Network Health Digest, a magazine for dietitians, nutritionists and healthcare professionals. Click here to find out more.

All Core Group members awarded automatic BAPEN membership.

In addition we are actively looking to secure discounts for a range of products and services that are relevant to our membership including:

  • Nursing and medical supply discounts
  • Subscription discounts for healthcare publications
  • Substantial discounts at conference and Study days
  • Health and Fitness
  • Stationary, books and magazines

We will update our members regularly throughout the year as this package of discounts is secured.

Be part of an organisation that really makes a difference – Join BAPEN today and help us to advance the nutritional care of patients and those at risk for malnutrition in the wider community.

BAPEN membership flyer (PDF)

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