BAPEN Objectives 2012-2015

  1. Building BAPEN membership

    1. BAPEN is actively seeking to increase its membership by recruiting new members  and new Associate Clinical Interest Groups  to improve nutritional care in practice; please do distribute information about BAPEN throughout your networks and encourage your colleagues to join.
    2. BAPEN is actively strengthening existing links with other professional societies and building new links. Please get in touch with details of any new networks or groups that you think BAPEN should collaborate with
    3. BAPEN is developing and maintaining effective links with other similar organisations while maintaining its multidisciplinary expertise
    4. BAPEN holds regular meetings at regional level to encourage networking / information sharing
    5. BAPEN actively promotes awareness of its activities through its website, publications and the media
  2. Meeting the needs of BAPEN members

    1. BAPEN is committed to actively meeting the needs of our members and is aiming to do this through influencing the national agenda so that nutritional care becomes a high priority
    2. BAPEN is identifying and disseminating best practice in the nutritional repletion of malnourished patients of all ages
    3. BAPEN is developing and disseminating practical guidance on all aspects of care related to under-nutrition
    4. BAPEN is disseminating examples of good practice in nutritional care to all members
    5. BAPEN is develop educational and training materials for all those involved in the provision of nutritional care
    6. BAPEN is providing support materials for the set up and running of clinical Nutrition Support Teams
    7. BAPEN is supporting the development and implementation of standards through which NSTs can identify good practice and benchmark their own activity
    8. BAPEN will lead other clinical governance initiatives related to nutritional intervention
    9. BAPEN will develop and disseminate audit tools for use by its membership
    10. BAPEN will develop forums for the discussion of nutritional problems with colleagues and to support networking
    11. BAPEN will maintain a database of members interests and those willing to provide advice and support to others undertaking audit or research in nutrition
    12. BAPEN hosts an Annual Conference reflecting current trends in research and clinical practice
  3. BAPEN structure

    The Association structure will be maintained and the strategic direction and governance of the Charity will remain the responsibility of the Trustees and Council, with the Independent Advisory Committee (IAC) continuing to act in an advisory capacity. The officers on BAPEN Executive will reflect the changing needs of the Association and will focus on membership, data collection, communications and clinical standards, guidance and education.

  4. BAPEN communications

    1. BAPEN will develop a new website, which will host resources for members and have a 'public face' to increase awareness of the problems of under nutrition and how BAPEN is tackling this.
    2. BAPEN  will establish a membership database that allows members to update their own details and renew subscriptions easily
    3. BAPEN  will develop regular e-mail communication with its members, alerting them to initiatives and resources
    4. BAPEN will develop forums for communications within various committees and Special Interest Groups.
    5. BAPEN  will continue to produce regular printed and electronic newsletters for its membership (In Touch)
    6. BAPEN  will develop a series of videos to be available through the website and on You Tube to promote different aspects of its work
    7. BAPEN  will seek opportunities to engage with the media to promote its work
  5. BAPEN's role in the national healthcare agenda

    1. BAPEN will listen to patients’ / carers’ nutritional concerns and will act appropriately
    2. BAPEN will lobby for patient centred policies relating to nutritional care
    3. BAPEN will promote equity of access to nutritional care for all patients
    4. BAPEN will continue to collect data and report on the prevalence of malnutrition in different care settings
    5. BAPEN will continue to collect and report data on the provision of artificial nutrition support through the British Artificial Nutrition Survey (e-BANS)
    6. BAPEN will produce regular reports and promote national standards of practice
    7. BAPEN will engage with Department of Health structures at National, Regional and Local levels and will develop a network of local BAPEN advisory groups
    8. BAPEN will work with partners to develop the Nutrition and Hydration Action Alliance
    9. BAPEN will have an active role in the Malnutrition Task Force which is aiming to eliminate avoidable malnutrition in older people
    10. BAPEN will have an active role in the Nutrition and Hydration Action Alliance
  6. BAPEN's administrative and financial basis for the realisation of its objectives

    1. BAPEN will maintain a robust financial structure
    2. BAPEN will maintain a formal administrative infrastructure
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