Congratulations to Vera Todorovic, Consultant Dietitian, Bassetlaw Hospital on receiving the British Dietetic Association Ibex Award, 2012

This award for professional achievement is awarded in recognition of Vera’s significant contribution to the dietetic profession in the field of nutritional support. More than 20 years ago, Vera was one of a small but cohesive group of forward-thinking dietitians who recognised a need for post- graduate education and resources in the field of nutritional support and from which the Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Group (PENG) of the BDA evolved. PENG was established to up-skill Dietitians in this emerging specialist field and PENG continues to be a proactive specialist group today. PENG was one of the founder groups of BAPEN and today Vera in conjunction with PENG continues to actively contribute to the development of the association which continues to attract and engage with many Dietitians.

In conjunction with long-standing colleague Ann Micklewright, Vera recognised the need for a ‘pocket guide’ for dietitians which gave evidence based practice guidelines and essential information at one’s fingertips to perform duties in clinical practice. ‘The PENG Pocket Guide to Clinical Nutrition’ is now in its fourth edition, has sold thousands of copies worldwide and is used daily by dietitians in clinical practice, research and those in academia. It is cited enviably by other professionals, including Gastroenterologists and Nutrition Nurse Specialists, for its value in everyday care. Vera continues to be Editor for the Pocket Guide.

Through her work and dedication Vera has promoted the unique skills of the dietetic profession in delivering high quality nutritional support. Leadership has also been emulated locally in her Healthcare Trusts as a Consultant Dietitian where Vera has actively led on key tasks to ensure patients receive good nutritional care supported by the multidisciplinary nutrition support teams with whom she has led.

Vera is well known to BAPEN members as a longstanding member of the Malnutrition Action Group (MAG) and the previous chair of the BAPEN communications group and BAPEN is delighted that she had been awarded the 2012 IBEX award by the British Dietetic Association.

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