Carolyn WheatleyCarolyn Wheatley, Chair of PINNT, wins 2012 Geoff Simmonett ‘Commitment to Patient Care’ award organised by the journal Complete Nutrition

“Carolyn puts the needs of others before herself, is always on hand to provide words of support, an ear to listen to when someone is struggling and believing everything is against them, and the voice of confidence when being encouraged to live life as ‘normal’ as possible.” Steve Brown’s nomination of Carolyn Wheatley

Carolyn, who has been on artificial nutrition therapy for 28 years, has been involved with PINNT for 26 years and has been highly influential in the charity’s growth, not only in reaching many more adults and children, but also in its increasing influence in policy and professional circles and with industry for the benefit of patients and their families.

Richard Shawyer, Vice Chair of PINNT says: “PINNT is delighted that Carolyn’s commitment to our cause has been supported by a broad spectrum of readers of Complete Nutrition and her achievements have been publicly acknowledged. We join them all in saluting Carolyn.”

Carolyn says: “I am very pleased for PINNT that I have won this award. It will raise awareness amongst health care professionals and industry helping them have a deeper insight into home artificial nutrition and what that means for patients, young and old. Despite limited resources, our marvellous local groups and volunteers around the country are ready to provide the welcome and support that can ensure a positive transition onto artificial nutrition.”

Carolyn Wheatley was nominated for the Complete Nutrition Geoff Simmonett 'Commitment to Patient Care' Award, sponsored by Covidien, by Steve Brown, a member of PINNT who is on artificial nutrition treatment.  Carolyn was voted the winner of this Award by readers of Complete Nutrition, a mark of the high regard with which Carolyn is held by healthcare professionals as well as patients.

Geoff Simmonett was a long-standing member of PINNT who led the charity’s engagement with industry to improve the equipment used by and thus the experience of all adults and children who rely on artificial nutrition therapies. This Award was created to recognise Geoff’s dedication to improving the quality of life of all on nutrition therapies.
PINNT has a number of active groups around the country organised by families and professionals working in partnership but needs more to help meet the growing need and demand.

Carolyn continues: “The help of professionals from hospital or community settings is most welcome to work in partnership with families and individuals to set up and run a group in their area. We also need more funds to run these groups. Let’s hear from all willing volunteers out there!”

More information on PINNT, local groups and how to make a donation is available on the charity’s website where complimentary membership is also currently available. Offers of help and all enquiries should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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