The updated ONS Dossier 'Oral Nutritional Supplements to Tackle Malnutrition' is now available

Oral Nutritional Supplements to Tackle Malnutrition DocumentThe Medical Nutrition International Industry (MNI) has just announced the availability of the updated ONS Dossier – Oral Nutritional Supplements to Tackle Malnutrition - which is now downloadable via the MNI website:

As part of its ongoing commitment to tackling malnutrition, MNI has commissioned an independent Dietitian to review all of the evidence and compile the dossier and summary booklet to provide the latest information relating to the important role that Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) play in tackling malnutrition.

The dossier draws on a wide range of inde­pendent evidence and research and contains a collection of the latest data, including key insights and facts relating to malnutrition’s causes, prevalence, and conse­quences. The dossier highlights the need for routine screening and verifies the importance of nutritional intervention, in particular focusing on oral nutritional supplements (ONS), as a clinically effective and a potential cost-saving method for healthcare systems.

A summary booklet provides an accessible, practical and condensed compilation of the research presented in the full dossier. The booklet also high­lights key facts and figures relating to the implications of malnutrition, and showcases best practice examples and statements from independent experts.

BAPEN’s honorary secretary, Dr Ailsa Brotherton comments “We need to improve the nutritional care that patients receive. This means identifying malnutrition early and ensuring that patients in all care settings, especially those who are vulnerable, are screened for malnutrition and then have a personal care plan and appropriate monitoring thereafter, if they are at risk” and concludes “there is enough evidence that demonstrates that nutrition does have a significant impact on patient care and improves health outcomes whilst delivering financial savings.”

The Medical Nutrition International Industry (MNI), the international trade association of companies providing products and services that support patient management and rehabilitation by the appropriate use of specialised nutritional support, including enteral and parenteral nutrition. MNI is comprised of leading international companies in the development, manufacture and provision of Medical Nutrition and supporting services, namely: Abbott, Baxter, B. Braun, Fresenius Kabi, Nestlé Health Science and Nutricia.

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