Nutrition Day logoWe invite you to take part in this year’s nutritionDay on the 8th of November 2012 with your hospital ward or nursing home.

The nutritionDay worldwide is the largest global one-day audit which monitors and analyzes the nutritional status of patients in hospitals, nursing homes and intensive care units. About 130,000 patients from more than 1490 institutions of 49 countries participated in the audit aiming to raise awareness of malnutrition in hospitals and nursing homes and reduce impact of disease related malnutrition. Since the first conduction of nutritionDay in 2006 the project has been well established in hospitals and nursing homes around the world and increased numbers of participation are recorded each year.

nutritionDay defined an additional oncology focus in 2012 for all cancer patients in all specialties. This oncology nutritionDay collects additional oncology related information from your unit and your cancer patients. Each ward receives a comparison of its own results to reference data of all units of the same speciality. Repeated participation allows benchmarking.

Your Profit

Quality Safety:

Participating in nutritionDay with your nursing home or hospital ward will provide valuable information on the nutritional status of residents in your facility.  Information received can be used for quality safety and quality improvement purposes.


Your nutritionDay report compares the nutritional situation of your nursing home residents or hospital patients with all other participating institutions and therewith provides a specific benchmarking of your facility. Annual participation in nutritionDay gives an opportunity to monitor potentials and weaknesses of your institution over the years.


For successful participation you will receive a nutritionDay certificate. Data entry can be easily performed online over the nutritionDay website:

nutritionDay 2012 is fast approaching. If you are not yet registered for nutritionDay sign up now!

Take the opportunity and join in - become part of the global nutritionDay initiative!

Visit our website or write us in case of queries at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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