We all know that good nutritional care in hospitals and other care settings is fundamental to wellbeing and of course the provision of food and fluid are at the centre of this. One key reference used by dietitians and others involved in foodservice has been the British Dietetic Association 2006 Toolkit - Delivering Nutritional Care through Food and Beverage Services - and it has been an essential tool for dietitians, clinicians and caterers involved in food service since it was produced over 6 years ago.

Due for its review last year, the Toolkit has now been superseded by a new document entitled ‘The Nutrition and Hydration Digest; Improving Outcomes through Food and Beverage Services’ and will be known as ‘The Digest’. The primary audience is anyone involved in the nutritional wellbeing of people in care settings including dietitians of course but there will be elements of it which apply to the multidisciplinary teams looking after people in all care settings including caterers, nurses, doctors, speech and language therapists as well as companies manufacturing food used in care settings. We are also delighted to have endorsements from the Royal College of Nursing, The Patients Association and the Hospital Caterers Association.

The new Digest is bang up to date and we hope its collaborative and inclusive approach will help all those involved in the nutritional provision of people in our care speak with one voice and of course most importantly for improved outcomes in care settings. We are therefore perfectly placed from a catering and clinical perspective to make the most of opportunities to influence the food provision in all care settings.

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Download 'The Nutrition and Hydration Digest' (PDF)

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