21 Ways to Make a Difference

BAPEN logo 21 years2013 sees BAPEN celebrate its 21st Birthday. This provides the ideal opportunity to remind everyone about what a dynamic Charitable Association BAPEN is, and how committed it is to driving real change in all issues relating to malnutrition, from government led initiatives through to the small changes that really make a big difference to people’s lives. As such we are planning the production of a small booklet that will set out 21 ideas and initiatives that have been introduced by BAPEN members over the past 21 years. The aim is to showcase the real difference the BAPEN membership has made through initiatives which have made real changes to patients’ lives. These might be initiatives that are the result of collaborative working and rolled out under the BAPEN banner as a BAPEN programme (‘MUST’ Decision Trees etc) or individual initiatives that a hospital or carer has implemented under the leadership or with the involvement or guidance of a BAPEN member. The ideas will represent the whole membership and submissions will be acknowledged to the individuals and Core Groups they represent. Once produced, the document will be printed for use at the conference. An electronic version will also be available on the website and will be sent out to our media mailing list.

This is where we need your help...

We are inviting all BAPEN members to submit ideas for inclusion in this publication, they can be initiatives you have personally been involved in – perhaps you led a team which improved some aspect of nutritional care in a hospital or care setting, maybe you were involved in training or some patient education or support programme or perhaps you want to nominate a major BAPEN piece of work/educational initiative etc.

Whatever it is big or small we want to hear from you.

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