nutritionDay 2016

nutritionDay 2016 is going to take place on the 10th of November, 2016. Save the date!

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Pearls of knowledge

In its continuous efforts to educate on the importance of clinical nutrition and of good nutrition practice, ESPEN is launching a video series, called "Pearls of knowledge".

Pearls of Knowledge are short cuts providing a general overview of clinical and research topics, which are intended for health professionals but also for anyone else interested in the field of clinical nutrition.

In the following videos you can find nutritionDay’s project leader  Prof. Dr. Michael Hiesmayr talking about the nutritionDay project and its focus on nutrition in the oncology field.

nutritionDay project:

nutrition Day: focus oncology:

Pandora calculator

Patient- And Nutrition-Derived Outcome Risk Assessment Score (PANDORA) 

The PANDORA-calculator is a simple instrument to calculate the predictive risk score for 30-day in-hospital mortality based on demographics, clinical observation and nutrition. 

You can find the PANDORA-calculator here:

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