The committee was formed in 2012 and is composed of medical and surgical trainee doctors with an interest in clinical nutrition. We would welcome applications from trainees, with an interest in nutrition, of any training grade and from any speciality. 

The committee aims to improve awareness of and access to educational resources for trainees. To-date, the committee has undertaken surveys assessing the needs of trainees and has been involved in the development of educational material, including conference symposiums. The committee meets at least once a year, holds regular teleconferences and has frequent e-mail discussions. Future committee members would be expected to participate in meetings and discussions, to contribute to the development of courses, educational material and to other activities associated with the committee.

Applications should be received by Friday 31st July 2015 with the aim of appointing members in time for our September teleconference. Applicants should submit a brief CV and a maximum of one side of A4 detailing their reasons for applying and describing what they would contribute to the committee. All applicants must be (or become) members of BAPEN Medical on appointment. Please send applications to Elizabeth Harrison c/o BAPEN office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).