The DDF Organisers would like to invite you to join the first ever 'DDF Expert Twitter Debates' hosted by a different DDF society from the Sunday 14th June to the Thursday 18th June 2015.

Every night between 8-9pm GMT experts will host a Twitter debate using #DDF2015 on topics which will be some of the highlights of DDF 2015. Each debate will be hosted by @DDFConference15 as well as the different DDF society twitter accounts and the experts themselves.

The timetable is as follows:

  • Sunday 14th June 2015 - BSG: Variceal bleeding Guideline – Dr Dhiraj Tripathi and Dr David Patch AND Faecal transplantation – Dr Ailsa Hart
  • Monday 15th June 2015 - BAPEN: Access for enteral nutrition: Which tube, when and how - Dr Simon Gabe
  • Tuesday 16th June 2015 - AUGIS: Abnormal LFTs with acute gallstone disease – Mr Ian Beckingham
  • Thursday 18th June 2015 - ACPGBI: Screening for bowel cancer – Professor Robert Steele AND Pouches for ulcerative colitis – Mr Peter Sagar

If you are new to Twitter or need to join, don't worry it takes 2 minutes ( and is very easy to use and follow! For those of you not currently on Twitter, please don't be afraid: you can easily edit your profile so that you won't be committed to interactions you don't want.

Please follow @DDFConference15 as well as the different societies twitter accounts. We look forward to you joining the debates and remember to add #DDF2015 to your tweet!