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This conference was a "platform to share knowledge and identify innovative approaches within individual countries, sharing information with their regions and to other European nations. By examining steps taken to rise to the challenges of 21st century public health provision, it signposts the shared road ahead for professionals, provider organisations and national governments."

Within the conference there was a session, organised by BAPEN, entitled "An integrated approach to a hidden problem - tackling the consequences of malnutrition". This symposium focused on the new report on the cost of disease-related malnutrition in England, and how this can be used to inform the provision of safe, high quality and cost-effective healthcare. Guidance was shared on what needs to change and tools available to support implementation. Many of the principles were relevant to other countries in Europe, particularly those who are part of the “Optimal Nutritional Care for All” campaign and so was also available for people to live stream on the day (if registered). The slides that were presented can be found through following the links here:

There were 200 delegates and an additional 40 e-delegates, delegates were a mix of those working in the public health, care home, local authority and NHS - mix of levels.

MTF had a pop up banner and leavepiece available for delegates and BAPEN had a stand area to enable sharing of information on the tools available to help earlier identification and management of malnutrition.

Note the BAPEN session was recorded and is available on the HealthEurope website and accessed at The full programme can also be downloaded from this website link.